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This is one of Dr Otto's old research colleagues at Polymer City University, Dr. Sandra Rensch. Here's what he says about her.

Dr Otto: She holds double doctorates in Astrophysics and Biochemistry, and during my tenure at PCU (which was revoked shortly after the infamous "Onizuka Hall" disaster) she had embarked on a rigorous weightlifting regimen to strengthen her injured back (which manifested itself shortly after the infamous "Onizuka Hall" disaster). She was always a bookish sort, but her body responded well to the training and it wasn't too long before the male (and some of the female) students took notice. She wasn't real big, but her definition and overall tone was very noticeable. To cut to the chase, we'd been out of touch since I got the chop at PCU, but I thought she might be interested in maybe doing the librarian thing for ya so e-mailed her and we got together and discussed it. I hardly recognized her when I saw her again, as what she had started as back strengthening exercises grew into a full blown pursuit of bodybuilding as a lifestyle, and I have to say she is one of the most massive human females I have met to date.

So now let's hear from Sandra.

Hello, I'm Sandra, the Librarian around here. I'm fast, I'm efficient, and as you've probably guessed by now, I'm a Valkyrie. You can give me one word to search for, such as: boxing

Or you can ask me to find a phrase, like head scissors

In a few seconds, I'll search every story in the Chat Room Archives for your word or phrase, and I'll return with a list of what I find, giving you the lines around that word, and a link you can click on to go straight to the archive.

The trident is my way of making sure that books aren't borrowed and kept beyond the return date. And you won't make any noise in my library, will you? People are trying to concentrate on reading.

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