It's a new day! Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the First Watch 12:00am
TomNine - Hmm, BA, a few non-chatters, maybe some guys I forgot.
oriole2k - very cool, sounds like it will be an interesting time...
TomNine - Bye for now.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:01am)
Clepsydra - Off to push the prices up some more
oriole2k - see ya tom .. so boomer what's up?
boomer - you saw the sign?
oriole2k - the big one?
oriole2k - or the smaller one in the back?
boomer - the one that says katie flex for boomer
oriole2k - , yeah that one .. that's too funny, so did she flex?
boomer - no, soc said she left right after the show, thats soc holding the sign
oriole2k - that sucks, but at least he got the sign all across americs, major props to him...
oriole2k - america, i mean
boomer - soc is the man alright
boomer - i'm getting worried about the yanks they arent exactly rolling into the playoffs
oriole2k - well, i have been trying to watch the crapolympics .. well the us baseball win was good...
boomer - nbc really blew it with this all on tape stuff
oriole2k - no, i'd think they should start worrying about the white sox and most especially the mariners and the a's.
oriole2k - well, what could they do ... what i really hate is the freaking melodrama being aired every night
boomer - at least our top 3 starters are pitching well, neagle is a problem
boomer - hey, 9 pm here is 3 in the afternoon there, they could show some live stuff
oriole2k - you guys had a tough time with the tigers .. what's up with tthat
Clepsydra - When it's time to meet the maker 12:08am
boomer - no, 9 pm here is noon there
oriole2k - boomer, they want to get the casual fan, not the sports fan
boomer - with the tigers, tampa beat us 11-1 tonite
tre' - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:08am)
Clepsydra - Hello, tre', welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
boomer - i hope they are getting the casual fan, cause they lost me
boomer - hey tre
oriole2k - you all can't be losing to the rays? well, we've got you next so oh well..
-IMISSGAILY! - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:09am)
Clepsydra - Hello, -IMISSGAILY!, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hello, Gaily
-jabber - Nickname change, -IMISSGAILY! is now known as -jabber
-jabber - Stupid Clepsy!
boomer - lets all watch jeopardy in her memory
tre' - Guys - I got into a fight on the radio tonite - some knucklehead said the U.S. beating Cuba in baseball was like us beating the Russians back in 1980. I went ballistic on his stupid ass.
boomer - its not even close to being the same
oriole2k - maybe, Tre' ... I don't think it was that great
oriole2k - The American guy who beat the Russian wrestler was even better than the baseball game...
-jabber - Cuba Gooding, Jr. is in the Olympics?
boomer - the american gal winning the butterfly over the aussie was a much bigger upset
tre' - Exactly, guys - now *you* are true Americans!
-jabber - What's with WCW making Canada the enemy? Folks booing Canada - sheesh!
boomer - the aussie o'neill hadnt lost a race in years
tre' - They haven't seen all the hot Canadian fitness chicks we have...and besides, Ms. Maffioli is from Las Vegas anyway!
-jabber - It's true, it's true - Kurt Angle...
-jabber - That one was in deference to our friend, Tofu...
oriole2k - but overall the games suck
-jabber - booms, what's yer update about, I saw you post a link earlier but I was on the phone.
-jabber - Oriole, do we hear that sucking sound that H. Ross Perot talked about?
boomer - jabber, you didnt see the sign?
boomer -
oriole2k - jabber, what are you talking about?
tre' - Jabber - If you're interested, the WCW is in *desperate* need of writers right now. They've lost so much ground to the WWF over the past year that they have to start almost from scratch in rebuilding this thing.
-jabber - Sorry, boomer, I was horrendously busy with something called real life today - I apologize profusely.
oriole2k - Tre', they won't catch up
oriole2k - the WWF is too popular, too well known, too far ahead and too hot of a commodity for the WCW to catch ground with...
-jabber - Oriole, are you so serious you don't know what a "joke" is? Or are you not remembering H. Ross Perot from 4 years ago talking about that "sucking" sound as jobs go to Mexico???
-jabber - Tre', the who fathered Ms. Hancock's baby plot is at least as good as that Stephanie/Kurt Angle crappola...
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ Soc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* -jabber sings "I Saw The Sign" by Ace Of Base...
tre' - (That's because they're starting rumours about Kurt being gay!)
oriole2k - if angle is gay, then so what...
-jabber - It's true, it's true - Kurt Angle...
tre' - Ms Hancock is hot, but the WCW has done a very poor job of character development. Can't have a story if you've got no characters...
oriole2k - bagwell is going to the wwf, right?
-jabber - Stephanie Hancock is too lanky and skinny - but has a pretty face (for a non-hispanic). Midajah is where it's at though...
Willy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:21am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Willy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Willy - Hey everyone!
-jabber - Midajah strapped the Steiner Recliner on that little Oriental girl (who's damn feisty) - would LOVE to see Midajah her biceps the way Scott Steiner does...
boomer - hey willy
-jabber - Willy, welcome to WCW and WWF wrestling talk - where's TwoPossums???
Rob - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:22am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Rob, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Rob - Yo yo yo
boomer - hey wp
Willy - Hey Rob,
oriole2k - hey Rob
boomer - i thought we were talking about boomermania
-jabber - Hey Robs - booms, Jenny Thomson looks like she'd be good at armwrestling...
* Willy ain't watched WWF in a while
tre' - O - I'm not sure...haven't seen anything lately other than Goldberg getting chained to the bus a few weeks back. I don't know Midajah, but like Hancock's bod. Willy - you've *got* to come to FVF now - we have a Playboy Playmate coming out...
boomer - agreed jabber
Willy - Sorry Tre' can't make it, gotta do some TV stuff saturday and sunday. I'd love to though...
-jabber - Playmate? Who cares, Tre'????
Willy - $300
tre' - Those of us who like hot women, J...
Willy - that was dinner last night....
Effigy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:24am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Effigy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Rob - Yo, Eff
boomer - hey effigy
Effigy - evening everyone.......
Willy - Hey Effigy
-jabber - Tre', fake tits and a soft body and T&A AIN'T my definition of hot - good thing most of the gals you've invited are, however...
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from Rob
* -jabber notices Effigy was out in the sun too long today...
Willy - Tre' the playboy playmate is probably going to feel like an underachiever at the FVF, sounds like a great weekend
Clepsydra - Rob, you have a new Private message from Effigy
tre' - J - first and foremost, I'm still a face man. Why lie? O - is Femsport back up yet? I was about to kick NAncy's ass earlier tonite (I can only use one browser window on the laptop)
* Effigy spent most of his day\night in hearings. grr.
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from Rob
tre' - Willy - her friend says she'd like to compete...wants to know when our next show is. "Next show"?? What the hell is that?!
Willy - Tre' that'll be the one your putting on in Vancouver
tre' - Effigy - give it to me straight, bro - do I get a refund on my Firestones or not?
Rob - I wouldn't kick a Playmate out of bed for eating crackers
-jabber - Tre', believe it or not, I am too. But I could care less about playmate status - doesn't impress me in the least...
oriole2k - it's up + femsport was dowm?
Clepsydra - Rob, you have a new Private message from Effigy
tre' - Willy - this shit has gotten *way* out of hand...I'm actually thankful I held back on the advertising a bit...but I'm still apprehensive about what might happen on Sunday
Clepsydra - Rob, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Willy - Tre' it'll be fun
Effigy - yes.....Tre' you can get a refund...but only if they are on a vette.
Willy - it ain't gonna get outa hand
tre' - J - that's why I addressed my statement to Willy. He's in Canada, you're in Texas, so I don't know how you made that mistake.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Rob
* Willy doesn't have no stinkin firestones on the vette :-)
* -jabber offers Tre' the help of -jabberSecurity if he needs it...
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Graveyard Watch 12:30am
tre' - Oriole - whew - I was going nuts earlier - how the hell are we supposed to have a show when we have no damn website?! Grrr - I grilled Nancy via Diana...pulled a Siggi on her!
Willy - although free tires would have been good at $200 each....
Clepsydra - Rob, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - Colour changed
-jabber - wb Effigy..
* tre' has Jabbersecurity beaten, maced, arrested, and thrown out of Little Italy...
Willy - how about a different colour Eff?
oriole2k - very good, Tre'
-jabber - Hmmph, try to help someone...
Effigy - thanks is my colour....
Willy - geez, it's awfully bright...
boomer - i have to plan my next step carefully, now that katie is wondering who boomer is
-jabber - Willy, Effigy and Grog both use those colors, like you, Rob, and Troy generally use grey...
Effigy - Anna Nicole won a temporary award of $440 million today.
Willy - what are the stalking laws like in the US, boomer?
-jabber - Just like Tex, myself and occasionally LPDorman use this color...
oriole2k - what effigy!
* Effigy granted Grog the use of his colour.....
boomer - doesnt matter willy, i'm not stalking her
* Willy makes mental note to get involved with Anna Nicole tomorow
Willy - maybe you should boomer
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Rob
Effigy - O2K......a federal judge today awarded Anna Nicole Smith $440 million.....
Rob - boomer is stalking Rosie O'Donnell
Clepsydra - Rob, you have a new Private message from -jabber
oriole2k - whoa, effigy + I didn
boomer - good try blouse, but now katie and me are linked forever
* tre' tells Anna Nicole that, after she makes my breakfast in the morning, she needs to go visit my bud, Willy
Willy - it's all good jabs. It's just that after drinking lots, some colour don't look so great....
Effigy - The issue will be remanded to Texas probate court.......though....
Willy - thanks, Tre'
oriole2k - I didn't know that .. what did the family get?
Girl's Blouse - Nickname change, Rob is now known as Girl's Blouse
Willy - Blouse is probably a nickname that's gonna stick
Effigy - Mr. Marshall, her late husband, obviously doesn't care, however his oldest son will appeal.....the estate is worth over $1.8 billion....
Girl's Blouse - It's okay. I still chuckle to myself about it
Effigy - Jabbs...FYI.......Anna Nicole was a former stripper........
Willy - who gives a rats ass about $400 mil out of 1.8 billiion???? Geez some people are so petty
Willy - Effigy, everybody has to have a skill
-jabber - Effigy, I know that, dude...
Effigy - My thoughts exactly Willy.........why quivel....
boomer - they should just offer her 100 million to go away, she would take it in a heartbeat
* Effigy forgot Jabbs knows all.........:)
oriole2k - willy, when it comes to any amount of money, the gloves come off
* Willy could have a lot of toys with $400 million.....
Willy - very true Big O,
oriole2k - then again, why does the world care .. i'd take 1 million
* Effigy could have lots of FBBs for $440 million.......
tre' - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOMER, THAT FUCKING RULES!!!!!!! Soc is officially the greatest good guy schmoe(??) - femuscle lover of all time...
Willy - want me to lend it to you Big O?
-jabber - Tre', why did your DJ (who I'd never heard of) pull out?
Willy -
boomer - soc is the man, he came thru for me, of course she didnt flex, but he was out there giving it his best shot
Willy - What the hell???
boomer - i told him to have a sign saying katie flex for the camera, adding boomer was his
Willy - What did Soc do?
boomer - gena lee nolin on kilbourne, i sense a flex
Willy - really? Cool!
boomer -
boomer - take a look willy
Effigy - Boom......I saw Socs holding up the sign "Katie flex for Boomer!"
Willy - that's Soc?
boomer - behind the sign yes
Willy - She's got a nice little gun
Willy - THAT'S COOL!!!!
boomer - and soc even spelled my name right
tre' - Jab - people always ask 'why?', but that's not always important. In this case, she decided that it would be best for her business to do the full 3 days in Pittsburgh...which is the possible home of the 2001 FVF Grand Final...
Girl's Blouse - I heard Soc nailed Katie backstage
Willy - Who's boomer?
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Willy - What colour Blouse WP?
* Effigy offers Tre' a Bud Light......why ask why?
tre' - So we no longer have the Muscle & Fitness: Hers coverwoman - no problem, as I'm sure someone in attendance will have that cover in the future...
* -jabber has the new magazine Muscle & Fitness: Its
tre' - We've begun our nationwide search for the first coverwoman for FemSport...who will be our Lori Walkup??
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
* Willy thinks Red Bull would also be a good possible sponsor for futur FVF's
tre' - Saw a ton of Repetrope ads in Muscle & Fitness: His
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - Tre'.......Ricky Williams is available.
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ Effigy!
tre' - Willy - if they have a strong anti-drinking and driving message, then by all means put them in contact with us.
* -jabber thinks gaily has a strong anti-driving message...
tre' - l o l@Effigy - hell, I'm surprised that people are surprised about Ricky - hell, my 'dar went off the first time I saw the kid!
Clepsydra - When it's time to meet the maker 12:47am
Willy - Tre' Red Bull is non-alcoholic super wake up drink
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
-jabber - Willy, I can't believe Tre' DIDN'T know what Red Bull was...
tre' - Willy - not the Red Bull we have here in the States - that shit is about 12% alcohol, I think!
Willy - We don't even Have red bull in Canada and i know what it is.... I drank 3 of them driving home from Reno (big mistake....)
tre' - Jab - Red Bull in the 'hood is much stronger than the Schlitz Malt Liquor (Blue) Bull...
tre' - Y'all drinking something diff'rent...
tre' - ok, guys - 5 minutes to blast me - lemme have it...
-jabber - Tre', bring me to a 7-11 in da Maryland hood so I can piss in the back (like I did in S. Central LA - ha!)...
Effigy - Micky's Big Mouths........woo-hoo
Effigy - Micky's Big Mouths........woo-hoo
Willy - no it's not Tre' is a super cafeine/vitamine B/ other nasty things overdose drink
boomer - is this playmate gonna flex
tre' - l o l@Jab-shaft
* Willy really wishes he could make it back east for this weekend
-jabber - Willy, Tre's wrong, and you're right. Do you find that surprising?
tre' - Boomer - oh, hell yeah - chicks have to flex at the door just to get in!
-jabber - Tre', if you make fun of my penis again, I'll whup ya, son!
Willy - good point Jabber
* -jabber apologized, not Jab's shaft, but Jab-shaft. :-o
tre' - Everything is weaker out west...except the snowboarding and the Canadian fitness chicks!
Willy - Tre' it's no fun blasting whey ya ask for it
tre' - 2 minutes...hey - does anyone know a good Tatianna website?
Willy - How about an FVF in Whistler?
Clepsydra - Willy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Willy - any website with Tatianna would be a good one
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Willy
Effigy - Tre' install a metal detector at the door........set it to go off when a hottie pass thru...then throughly fisk them.
tre' - Willy - that would be a *dream* for me...met some hotties up in Banff, too, at a little chick snowboard shop called Rude Girls...
tre' - l o l@Effigy for knowing my strategy in advance!
Willy - good plan Effigy
-jabber - Since when has Tatianna become the most important FBB/session girl ever?
tre' - Willy - Seattle seems like the ticket right now, but I'm *very* high on Vancouver...we'd need a local to handle the promotion, though...
tre' - Willy - Seattle seems like the ticket right now, but I'm *very* high on Vancouver...we'd need a local to handle the promotion, though...
Willy - Sheila
tre' - f***ing laptop...I was leaving anyway!
tre' - f***ing laptop...I was leaving anyway!
Willy - Tre' you should get that stuter fixed
-jabber - Karen Studer-Tarr? ROflwafbb!
Willy - I'd help with ideas, but would not be able to commit
Clepsydra - Willy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
tre' - My comstuter?? Ok guys, nolo contendre or io credo...I give up for the night. I'm dying right now, but wish you all well...and you guys should all wish a little "action" my way, if you know what I mean...!
tre' - My comstuter?? Ok guys, nolo contendre or io credo...I give up for the night. I'm dying right now, but wish you all well...and you guys should all wish a little "action" my way, if you know what I mean...!
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ Tre'!
tre' - ciao
tre' - ciao
Willy - Tre' may the force be with you
-jabber - chow-chow, Tre'...
* Willy thinks maybe
Willy - Tre' needs a glass of water to fix that stuter
Effigy - nite Tre'........
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Graveyard Watch 01:00am
Willy - actually, think I'm gonna head off to bed also. Night everyone!
Effigy - my puter is running like a vette this evening....very slow. :0
-jabber - PM to Willy: it's "stutter"...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Willy, come back soon.
Willy - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:00am)
Effigy - later willy.......
-jabber - Later, Willy...
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Girl's Blouse - Poop
mps - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:06am)
Clepsydra - Hello, mps, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
mps - hello all
Effigy - hiya mps......
-jabber - The "legendary" mps! How are ya?
mps - dong well, thanks
boomer - glad your dong is well, how are you
mps - doing well, sorry
Girl's Blouse - My female coworkers all have mps
mps - bad typist
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
mps - really like your site, boomer
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ booms
mps - a fellow golfer, can't be all bad
boomer - thanks mps, did you see it today with socs sign
mps - not yet
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
boomer -
mps - Great sign, maybe she will respond and flex more
mps - saw christa bauch a few weeks ago here in calif
boomer - we can only hope
boomer - saw her intimately or in passing
Girl's Blouse - Soc looks like my brother-in-law
mps - in a session, she was harder and more vascular than i remeber her being ever before
boomer - wp, have you ever seen soc and your brother in law together, maybe something is going on here
mps - waht a nice lady, too!
mps - what
-jabber - How was her abs, mps???
mps - hard and ripped, as usual
Girl's Blouse - Maybe Soc is screwing my sister
boomer - how "was" her abs?
-jabber - Details, mps...
boomer - damn, gena lee with sleeves, how is she gonna flex in that
mps - had an hour with her, no wrestling, just flexing and posing
Clepsydra - "The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things" 01:16am
mps - concentrated on my specialty, arms and back
Effigy - ok guys.......just wanted to drop in....time to get some sleep.....later
mps - bye, eff
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Effigy, come back soon.
Effigy - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:18am)
mps - i have an early a.m too tomorrow
mps - i'll try to log on earlier next time
boomer - i gotta get some sleep too, cya all
Clepsydra - Cheerio, mps, come back soon.
mps - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:19am)
Clepsydra - Cheerio, boomer, come back soon.
boomer - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:19am)
Clepsydra - Bye, Flatbushian
-jabber - Later, to all those who are leaving - I'll join ya.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -jabber, come back soon.
-jabber - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:20am)
Clepsydra - Beware the frumious Bandersnatch
Mike B - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:22am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Mike B, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Mike B - Hi all
Mike B - ok, nevermind
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Mike B, come back soon.
Mike B - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 01:23am)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Graveyard Watch 01:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Graveyard Watch 02:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Graveyard Watch 02:30am
brooksie - entered the room. --- (Thu Sep 28 02:58am)
Clepsydra - Hello, brooksie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, brooksie, come back soon.
brooksie - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 02:59am)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Graveyard Watch 03:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Graveyard Watch 03:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Graveyard Watch 04:00am
brooksie - entered the room. --- (Thu Sep 28 04:24am)
Clepsydra - Hello, brooksie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, brooksie, come back soon.
brooksie - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 04:24am)
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Morning Watch 04:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Morning Watch 05:00am
Violet - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 05:26am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Violet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - The Slovakian swimmer slips in
Violet - just in case M.C. shows...
Violet - >sigh<
Violet - It doesn't show that I'm here on the message boards link (((((((((((((
Violet -
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Morning Watch 05:30am
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Violet, come back soon.
Violet - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 05:30am)
Clepsydra - Violet swims out again
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Morning Watch 06:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Morning Watch 06:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Morning Watch 07:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Morning Watch 07:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Morning Watch 08:00am
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Forenoon Watch 08:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Forenoon Watch 09:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Forenoon Watch 09:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Forenoon Watch 10:00am
M.C. - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:06am)
Clepsydra - Hello, M.C., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
M.C. - Hi Clepsydra....another quiet day I see.
Clepsydra - It is now pitch dark. If yer proceed, yer will likely fall into a pit.
Diana the Valkyrie - zzzzzzzz
M.C. - Sorry, I was watching the news....still there ?
Diana the Valkyrie - hi
M.C. - Have you put up the sexual innuendo board yet...
Diana the Valkyrie - Yes, about 100 of them
M.C. - What about the spelling for 20+ letter words board ?
M.C. - Don't you ever say to yourself,"who needs this s#&t" ? and want to chuck it all.
Diana the Valkyrie - No, because I don't take any shit.
M.C. - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:19am)
Clepsydra - Hello, M.C., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
M.C. - That was strange
M.C. - So, how do you let off steam ?
Diana the Valkyrie - I don't build up steam. I'm a very laid-back Valkyrie
Seldom - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:21am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Seldom, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Seldom - Hello.
M.C. - Hello Seldom
Seldom - Never been here before.
Diana the Valkyrie - Seldom
M.C. - New here ?
Seldom - Yep, very new here.
Seldom - Yes, Diana?
M.C. - You picked a good time to log on. Where are you from?
Clepsydra - There's a time to live but isn't it strange that as soon as you are born you're dying. 10:22am
Seldom - Upstate New York.
Seldom - Is Clepsydra the clock? That's cool.
Clepsydra - The giraffe yer thought yer offended last week is willing to be nuzzled today.
M.C. - A clock that tells (how can I put this tactfully)interesting jokes.
Clepsydra - Time is of the essence 10:24am
Clepsydra - I'm a very cool clock
M.C. - Interesting is such a neutral adjective.
Seldom - Tactfully put, indeed.
Clepsydra - Interesting?
M.C. - Tact can go a long way in the chatroom
Seldom - Oh, I know it. Been in chat rooms before. Just not this one.
M.C. - This is the first - and only - chatroom I've ever ventured into.
M.C. - So I really don't have anything to compare it to.
Seldom - Do you know if the voice chat works for macintosh?
Diana the Valkyrie - It doesn't work very welll at all, I think folks have stopped using it
seldom - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:28am)
Clepsydra - Hello, seldom, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
* M.C. isn't too disappointed about that.
seldom - I think I need to upgrade netscape.
M.C. - Everybody gets tossed out from time to time. Is it like that on other chatrooms ?
Clepsydra - I'm just ticking along 10:29am
seldom - So where are you from mc?
seldom - I occasionally get booted from yahoo.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Forenoon Watch 10:30am
M.C. - I grew up in Los Angeles. For the past 20 years I've been living in Israel.
HUGEkate - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:30am)
Clepsydra - Hello, HUGEkate, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Huger and huger every day
HUGEkate - Colour changed
seldom - Wow. I've never been to Israel.
seldom - Hello, kate.
HUGEkate - HUGE greetings and salutations!
M.C. - Kate, hello !!!
HUGEkate - Hello, seldom I don't believe we've met....
HUGEkate - *HUGE* How are ya, M.C.?
seldom - No, I don't believe we have. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Seldom.
Diana the Valkyrie - Hi, Hk
M.C. - Kate is from Denver via Penn. and Oak.
Diana the Valkyrie - I'm often
seldom - Denver? I used to live in colorado springs.
HUGEkate - Hehehe Nicely done! and nice to meet you, seldom Kate, here
M.C. - Have I forgotten anyplace, Kate ?
seldom - Lovely to meet you as well.
HUGEkate - Hello, my queen!
HUGEkate - No, I think you have it covered, M.C.....
seldom - (Geekspeak) Diana, interesting to put the page on a 5 second refresh loop. I've never seen it done that way.
Clepsydra - HUGEkate, you have a new Private message from M.C.
Diana the Valkyrie - You might not have seen a pure-cgi chatroom before
seldom - You're right, I haven't. It's all nowadays.
Clepsydra - M.C., you have a new Private message from HUGEkate
seldom - cute picture
M.C. - Seldom - when this place is jumping, by the time I type something and look up it's already off the board.
Clepsydra - Time is on my side.... 10:35am
* HUGEkate casually flexes her HUGE bicep and pretends she knows what DtV and seldom are talking about....
seldom - Yeah, it's hard to follow threads when that happens.
Diana the Valkyrie - WebTV can't do java
Diana the Valkyrie - MC, you need to speed up your reading
seldom - I see said the blind man to his deaf son as he picked up his hammer and saw.
M.C. - There are about 20 emoticoms or thereabouts
* HUGEkate pours herself another large cup of java....
seldom - HK- Don't worry about it, like I said, geekspeak.
M.C. - ,,,
HUGEkate - Thanks, seldom... no worries I'm learning my way around online by trial and error... not very effecient, but fairly effective
seldom - Very cute.
seldom - It's how we all got started, hk.
M.C. - ,,,,,,,
seldom - "No worries" does NOT sound like Denver.
M.C. - There's the stupid one that I won't do
HUGEkate - I've picked up some great slang in here, seldom, hangin with my intercontinental friends...
seldom - Wow, and here I was thinking I was going to get work done this morning. Silly, foolish me.
Diana the Valkyrie - Cockney is on
HUGEkate - I can in Aussie (pash)
Diana the Valkyrie - And yer can rabbit in Cockney, too
seldom - Sorry, not familiar with Cockney.
HUGEkate - and just the other day I learned the word sarky from a Brit... a delightful little word....
seldom - I saw lock, stock and two smoking barrels and needed the translations.
Diana the Valkyrie - No problem, seldom, just do /cockney on
M.C. - Neither is anybody else
seldom - What's it mean?
HUGEkate - (from sarcastic)
Diana the Valkyrie - Sarcastic
Diana the Valkyrie - Chatroom regulars keep a dictionary 'andy
M.C. - somebody call me ?
HUGEkate - ..and Clepsy has even taught me a bit of BE (British English) spelling...
seldom - Right.
HUGEkate - I can never decide the right way to spell colour for instance....
seldom - Or theatre.
M.C. - Diana - why are there two seldoms up there ?
HUGEkate - From where are you chatting, seldom?
seldom - The refresh stopped working, so I clicked reload and it had me sign in again.
Diana the Valkyrie - He logged on twice
Diana the Valkyrie - When dat 'appens, try "Resume"
HUGEkate - Clepsydra appears to be case sensitive ;-)
Clepsydra - "I profoundly Adam and Eve it takes a lot of practice to become a moral slob." -- William F. Buckley
seldom - From sunny Ithaca, New York, proud home of Cornell University.
M.C. - oh,EYE C
seldom - Ooooh, okay, thanks!
* Clepsydra speaks Unix
HUGEkate - Beautiful time to be back east... sugar maples in color yet?
Clepsydra - It's later than you think 10:44am
M.C. - Did you go to Cornell ?
seldom - Correction: I do go to Cornell.
seldom - Ithaca, don't got none of dem dere sugar maples, honey.
M.C. - An Ivy leager. What are you studying ?
HUGEkate - NONE? too bad.... Pennsylvania sure does and so does New England...
seldom - The True Calling for a geek. Computer science.
seldom - I know. We've been cheated, hk.
HUGEkate - MMMMmm well, I'd speak to someone about it, seldom
M.C. - i heard that the U.S.WILL BE SHORT 500,000 computer programers for the next ten years.
HUGEkate - You seem pretty mature for a college student, seldom... mind if I ask your age?
seldom - Yeah, maybe Cornell will open up their wallets and spring for some Maple trees. ha!
seldom - M.C. - It's a good time to be a geek. hk - 20.
Clepsydra - Baby, baby, baby you're out of time 10:47am
Diana the Valkyrie - No problem, MC, there's plenty in uvver countries
seldom - Diana, I have to say, I've been lurking around the stories section for four years now...didn't know what I was missing!
HUGEkate - Hehehe... mature, baby-faced geek... *HUGE* well, it was fun chatting guys, but I gotta head to the gym
Diana the Valkyrie - Four years, dat 's a record. I've 'ad people tell me they were readin' the stories fer a year before they discovered the uvver parts of the gaff
seldom - It was nice meeting you, hk.
Diana the Valkyrie - Bye, Hk
HUGEkate - HUGE to have seen you, Diana! Have a great day, gents (and it was very nice to meet you seldom)
Clepsydra - Cheerio, HUGEkate, come back soon.
HUGEkate - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:49am)
Clepsydra - Hug hug, Huge.
seldom - Well, I've taken a sniff around.
seldom - But mainly I like the stories section, cause I didn't know any better!
seldom - (Clepsydra - Cheerio and bring back plenty?)
Clepsydra - REPORTER: Senator, are yer fer or against the MX missile box o' tricks ? SENATOR: Bob, the MX missile box o' tricks reminds me of an old saying dat the country folk in me state like to say. It goes like dis : "Yer can carry a pig fer six miles, but if yer set it dahn it might scarper away." I 'ave no idea why the country folk say dis . Maybe there's some kind of chemical pollutant in their drinking water. Dat is why I pledge to do all dat I can to protect the environment of dis solid nation of ours, and put prayer back in the schools, where it belongs. What we need is jobs, not empty promises. I realize I'm risking me political career be being so outspoken on a sensitive issue such as the MX, but dat 's just the kind of straight-rabbittin' 'onest person I am, and I can't 'elp it. -- Dave Barry, "On Presidential Politics"
seldom - Cockney is on
seldom - So cockney on translates what we say into cockney?
Diana the Valkyrie - Dat 's right
seldom - Neat.
Diana the Valkyrie - There's also Strine and Yiddish
seldom - Oy gevalt. Knock me dahn wiv a feather. Dat 's the only Yiddish I know. I'm not even sure it is Yiddish.
M.C. - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:54am)
Clepsydra - Hello, M.C., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Diana the Valkyrie - The first is, the second aint
Diana the Valkyrie - The second is cockney
seldom - Cockney is off
seldom - It added the knock me down bit.
seldom - I didn't say it.
M.C. - That time I got thrown completely out
Clepsydra - Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years 10:55am
seldom - Welcome back, then!
Diana the Valkyrie - Yes, because dat 's what Cockneys do, it's fer emphasis
M.C. - Did Kate leave ?
seldom - Very nice. Yes, sadly, she did.
M.C. - How long have you been a member ?
seldom - Diana - I like my bookshelf, thanks! I'm not so sure about the description, though, it might be a little off-putting.
seldom - Um, like, four hours now?
seldom - Sent in the form last night, mc.
Diana the Valkyrie - It's from one of yer stories. But I doubt if it'll be off-puttin'
M.C. - What's your bokshelf called ?
seldom - seldomlasts
Diana the Valkyrie - I'm made a drastic proposal on me message board
seldom - Alright, I'll take your word for it.
M.C. - How appropriate, mine is called M.C.
seldom - Eye cee.
Diana the Valkyrie - On bickerin'. People are gettin' cheesed off wiv certain people
M.C. - Or should I just go and read it ?
Diana the Valkyrie - Prolly
seldom - I knew I shouldn't have let my cat run on the keyboard.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Forenoon Watch 11:00am
M.C. - a certain person, you mean
seldom - fumbles around in the dark, wondering what they're talking about...
M.C. - Do you venture into the message boards, Seldom ?
seldom - I haven't yet, no. I just said "Hmm, chat, interesting." And here I am.
M.C. - floccinaucinihilipilification
M.C. - You mispelled it, Diana
Diana the Valkyrie - floccipaucinihilipilification is an alternative spellin'
Diana the Valkyrie - Both are correct
M.C. - Tell that to Violet
seldom - I think I just stumbled into some weird alternate chat room.
M.C. - Sorry, Seldom.I got off on a tangent
seldom - brb, checking out message boards
Diana the Valkyrie - Whatever it is gets yer off ...
M.C. - So, what does an Ivy League University run nowadays....25,000 a year ?
Blaster - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:05am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Blaster, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hey, it's Blasterman, we can start the party now
Blaster - Hi,Diana
Blaster - Hi,MC,and seldom
Diana the Valkyrie - Wotcha , B
seldom - Hello, blaster
M.C. - Hi, Blaster
Blaster - Brown University is over 30K a year now.
seldom - Interesting new message, Diana.
M.C. - Diana is in a Cockney mode
seldom - So's Cornell.
M.C. - Seldom is a student at Cornell
seldom - takes a bow
seldom - Wait a sec, those two get into fights all the time on aawa newsgroup.
Clepsydra - Time is on my side.... 11:09am
seldom - Partly why I stopped reading it.
Blaster - The guy in the office down the hall from me is a Cornell grad.Says he went there on football scholarship.
Diana the Valkyrie - Precisely
M.C. - Which two ?
seldom - Haha.
seldom - Good one, blaster.
seldom - the two mentioned in diana's new post.
Blaster - You thinks he's bullshitting me,seldom?
Diana the Valkyrie - I didn't name any names
seldom - I know he's bullshitting you.
Blaster - Why?
M.C. - I don't think it's fair to prejudice your opinion of the people who come here. You'll meet them all and decide which ones to like. That's only fair.
seldom - Ivy League schools in general, and I know Cornell in particular, don't give sports scholarships. Against their rules of academicness and so on.
seldom - Some coach here got into a big fight with the admin about that a few years ago.
seldom - Diana, no you didn't name names. You mentioned two people. Very tactful, I thought.
Blaster - He claims football scholarship paid half his way,and ROTC paid the other half.This would be at least 35 years ago too........
seldom - ROTC I can believe. Maybe Cornell's changed a lot, but I thought that was the way it's always been.
seldom - mc - read aawa and i think you'll get the idea. At least it was pretty obvious last time I was there, a couple months ago.
Clepsydra - Time for tea 11:15am
M.C. - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:16am)
Clepsydra - Hello, M.C., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Blaster - The guy is a bullshitter.........tried to get me to go in on a bussiness venture with him..........I do tend to believe he went to Cornell though.
seldom - Well, Cornell don't give no athletics scholarships now, and I done do think it never did.
seldom - Of course, if they gave an academic scholarship to someone who just happened to be a great athlete... but noooo, that never happens here.
Blaster - I hadn't known the guy for 6months,and he's asking me for 120,000 dollars........
seldom - That's a wad of cash.
seldom - Do you read the stories, Diana, or are you busy with other parts of the site? Just idle curiosity.
Diana the Valkyrie - I read some of the stories, not all
M.C. - Well,I'm afraid I've got to go now. Nice chatting with you seldom. Blaster, enjoy the FVF. C - U - later Diana.
seldom - I actually started with your stories lo so many years ago.
Diana the Valkyrie - Bye, MC
Blaster - Bye,MC
seldom - Nice meeting you, mc!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, M.C., come back soon.
M.C. - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:22am)
seldom - Blaster: FVF?
Blaster - phone
Diana the Valkyrie - Femsport Valkyrie Festival, it's a web-site get-together
seldom - Cool.
Blaster - should come down and meet the crew ,seldom
Blaster - The Motley Crew.......
seldom - Hmm.
seldom - Where is it?
Blaster - Especially if your female.
seldom - Sorry, no such luck.
Blaster - Thats OK too......
Blaster - Roanoke,Md.
seldom - I grew up in Maryland! Where's Roanoke DC-relative?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Forenoon Watch 11:30am
Blaster - It's off the 295 beltway.
seldom - It's only an eight hour drive.
Clepsydra - Up the Beatles 11:31am
Blaster - From DC,you'd take495 to exit 25,Rt.1
seldom - Coming from upstate NY I think I can avoid the Washington belt altogether, right?
Blaster - 8 hours is a long haul.Fly Southwest air.Probably cheaper than driving.
Blaster - Bring some coeds with you.
seldom - I wish I could.
seldom - The only coed I could bring would be my gf, and she hates this stuff.
Blaster - What are you majoring in at school,seldom?
seldom - computer science.
Blaster - Good move.
seldom - I know. <>
Diana the Valkyrie - Soon be as obsolete as "scribe"
Blaster - I got a cousin in San Diego that majored in that.He walked right into a six figure a year job,at 22 years old.
seldom - Oh, I don't know, Diana. But if I do get obsodeleted, I have other things to fall back on. I'm not too worried.
Blaster - Now that I think about.....his degree was in computer engineering....
seldom - My degree is in get up really late and hang out in chat rooms.
Blaster - College is the biggest opportunity you'll get in life to provide for your future success.The four year fly by very quickly.My advice to you........don't waste any time.
9000raff - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:46am)
Clepsydra - Hello, 9000raff, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
9000raff - Hello from Italy!
Blaster - caio,raff!
Diana the Valkyrie - Especially in chatrooms
Diana the Valkyrie - Wotcha , raff
9000raff - Ciao Blaster!
9000raff - Ciao Diana
TomNine - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:47am)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in a headlock, picks him up and turns him upside down
Diana the Valkyrie - tally-'o, Tom
Blaster - Hey,Tom
9000raff - Ciao T9!
TomNine - Hello!
seldom - Hello new peoples!
9000raff - Hi Seldom
seldom - Blaster: I'm not wasting time, I hope.
TomNine - No Time spent here is wasted!
seldom - Hiya raff.
Blaster - Yes ,this is an educational chatroom.
seldom - I consider this morning an investment in my happiness.
TomNine - Seldom, hello. Is Blaster talking you into attending FVF?
seldom - Hello, tomnine. He's trying.
9000raff - I've seen picture of Paloma Parra
9000raff - and video wrestling too
TomNine - I delivered Gaily safely to her hotel yesterday. Tomorrow I meet sub.
9000raff - Wow!
9000raff - Paloma is very big!
TomNine - Paloma is very impressive. I'd love to meet her some day.
9000raff - What do you think
9000raff - She's very strong
Blaster - Which hotel is Gaily at?
Blaster - Did she have cookies with her?
Clepsydra - If I kiss yer , dat is a psychological interaction. On the uvver bunch of fives , if I 'it yer over the loaf wiv a brick, dat is also a psychological interaction. The difference is dat one is friendly and the uvver aint so friendly. The crucial point is if yer can tell which is which. -- Dolph Sharp, "I'm O.K., Yer 're Not So Hot"
seldom - What's FVF like?
Diana the Valkyrie - Dis is the first one
Diana the Valkyrie - Cockney is off
Blaster - Nobody knows yet,seldom
TomNine - I'm sorry I missed meeting Paloma when she first visited my area a few years ago. The pictures I've seen since then make her look a bit rougher, as sometimes happens to the ladies.
seldom - Really.
9000raff - Tom, I've red that you have meet Angel Riptide
Clepsydra - Blaster, you have a new Private message from TomNine
TomNine - Raff, yes, I've met her. Very sweet girl.
9000raff - Is she strong too?
seldom - Is it the first annual?
* Blaster wonders if he needs a necktie and jacket for dinner sat. night?
TomNine - I've seen other report from guys who were VERY impressed by Angel's strength. Jabber and I have dissenting opinions, I found her just "strong for a girl."
Blaster - Dissenting opinions with jabber?How could that happen?
9000raff - ok T9. She smokes, isn't she?
TomNine - Blast, the funny thing is that I agreed wwith Jabber on that one.
TomNine - I don't recall seeing Angel smoke, sorry.
TomNine - Raff, Sheila is heading your way later this year, have you contacted her?
TomNine - It might be the last annual FVF.
9000raff - No Tom, Why?
It's a new day! Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Forenoon Watch 12:00pm
TomNine - Why not? I thought you might like to meet Sheila.
Blaster - Sheila smokes.
9000raff - Paloma Parra smokes too
seldom - Why is that bad?
Blaster - sub takes cigarette breaks between sets of benchpresses....
TomNine - If Sheila hasn't quit by now, I'll have to give her a stern talking to. But I'm sure she would take a few puffs for a valued customer.
Clepsydra - TomNine, you have a new Private message from 9000raff
TomNine - Raff, all Spanish girls smoke. It is required by law.
malky - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:03pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, malky, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Banquo and Donalbain! Malcolm! awake
9000raff - hi Malky
Blaster - wotcha,malky
seldom - Hello, malky.
malky - hi 9000raff,seldom and blaster
Clepsydra - 9000raff, you have a new Private message from TomNine
TomNine - Malky, howdy.
malky - I knows blaster but don't fink I is met 9000raff or seldom b4
malky - hi t9
seldom - Well, I'm new here this morning, malky. Hello.
Blaster - I used to think bodybuilding was a healthy thing to do.However I've never met more drug users and smokers in any other sport.
9000raff - I visit chat seldom malky
chat - Nickname change, Diana the Valkyrie is now known as chat
9000raff - Blaster, there are several famous fbbs who smokes cigarettes
9000raff - I think that is more dangerous to use anabolic system for muscle than to smoke sometimes
malky - \me welcomes seldom as the new kid on the block
Blaster - Thas true raff.Cancer from steroid use will probably kill you faster than emphysema.
* malky uses wrong slash
9000raff - all BB use steroid
seldom - thank you, malky.
Blaster - I think so too,raff.
seldom - that's a pretty broad statement.
malky - did DtV / Chat go ?
Blaster - Any competitive BB has to use them to stay with the competition.It's a vicious circle.
9000raff - I'm going
9000raff - see you later
seldom - bye raff
9000raff - Ciao
Clepsydra - Cheerio, 9000raff, come back soon.
9000raff - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:13pm)
malky - cya raff
Blaster - Boungiorno,raff
seldom - alright, i'm going to go explore the site, get some lunch, go to classes.
seldom - it was great meeting you all!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, seldom, come back soon.
seldom - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:14pm)
TomNine - See ya later, seldom.
Blaster - Bye,seldom
malky - cya seldom
Blaster - bb
* malky thinks clepsy will be on her own soon
malky - I'm off
Clepsydra - Cheerio, malky, come back soon.
malky - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:16pm)
Clepsydra - Nothing in his life
Became him like the leaving it

Blaster - Back
Blaster - Tom,is Jeff staying at the Holiday inn?
TomNine - Jeff = Sub? He's staying in my little apartment.
Blaster - We gotta do somthing about that nickname......seldom.
Blaster - I know jabber and HBP will be at the Holiday you know of anyone else?
TomNine - Blast, I remember the other day you would e-mail somebody about your Gabrielle encounter. Could you get that to me too?
TomNine - Most of the guys (and girls) will be there. Have you head about the muscle safari plans?
Blaster - Geez......ya just reminded me! Striker! I gotta email him.Sure Tom,no prob.
Blaster - Just don't forward it to anybody.
TomNine - Blast, if you write strike I'd appreciate it if you CC me a copy.
Blaster - Gabrielle gives me a different session than she does for others,she's asked me to be very discreet.
Blaster - Your on my cc list now,Tom.
TomNine - No, I won't pass it on further.
TomNine - Blaster is Gabrielle's favorite! Maybe right after Tre.
Blaster - I told one person about my session with her last year,and eveidently he hoped she would do the same type for him.He was dissapointed.She told him I was "special".
TomNine - I don't know who all is up to going to some strip clubs after dinner Saturday. Fist, jabber, Paul, boomer at least.
Blaster - Strip clubs = muscle safari?
TomNine - Blast, yes, "Muscle Safari" is the trademarked term for looking for fit stippers for interesting private dances.
Blaster - I promised MrsB I wouldn't do that stuff,or have sessions.She's trusting me.
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Afternoon Watch 12:30pm
chat - Tom has been instructed to report back
Diana the Valkyrie - Nickname change, chat is now known as Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie - Photos will be taken ...
TwoPossums - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:30pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TwoPossums, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - At least two Possums have arrived.
TwoPossums - Hey All
Diana the Valkyrie - Hey, 2P
Blaster - Hey,TP.Whats for lunch today?
Diana the Valkyrie - Names will be written down
TwoPossums - Lasanga
* Blaster remembers to pack the"disguise".
* TwoPossums can't go on safari. Mrs. Possum will be there with him. 'course he will be back at the hotel getting "Lucky". wiink wiink
Blaster - TP,you gotta be part italian.Your always eating italian food.
M.C. - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:33pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, M.C., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Blaster - wb,MC
M.C. - Back - but only for a few minutes.
TwoPossums - I love Italian. Chinese too. Just no good chinese around my work. I could eat chicken chowmein everyday
TwoPossums - Hey MC
TomNine - 2P and MC, hello.
M.C. - Tom - how'd it go with Gaily at the airport ?
Diana the Valkyrie - The mouse suit won't help you here. A 5'6" mouse is going to stand out smewhat
* TwoPossums thinks its very funny that his nemisis Steve666 doesn't like the board name change.
Blaster - Tom you better not have eaten any of my cookies.....LOL
Clepsydra - Excessive login or logout messages are a sure sign of senility.
TomNine - MC, it went fine. I delivered her to her hotel without incident.
TomNine - The cookies were tempting!
Clepsydra - Unnamed Law: If it 'appens, it must be possible.
TwoPossums - I WANT A COOKIE!!
Blaster - 5'6"? I shrunk!!!!!!!!!
M.C. - Is she as nice in person as in the chatroom ?
TomNine - Blast, if asked I'll just say I thought the club owner was hanging out with us, I didn't see you at all.
Blaster - @Tom
M.C. - That was, of course, a stupid question. What's Tom going to say...NO.
TomNine - MC, no, in person she is pure evil.
Diana the Valkyrie - Sounds like she tempted T9 with cookies, and he fell
Clepsydra - Some primal termite knocked on wood. And tasted it, and found it bit of all right. And dat is why yer Cousin May Fell through the parlor floor today. -- Ogden Nash
M.C. - @Tom
Diana the Valkyrie - Original Sin
TomNine - The Cookies were untouched when I last saw them. We walked aound for a while and had pizza.
Clepsydra - TomNine, you have a new Private message from Blaster
M.C. - Who else do you have to meet at the airport ?
TomNine - MC, I'll be meeting my houseguest sub tomorrow. After that I promised Tre I'd make some runs to pick up competitors, we'll see.
Blaster - We know he dosen't have to meet Diana.She has her own broom.
TomNine - Blast, e-mail me at
M.C. - Competitors = fbb's. You poor guy. My heart goes out to you.
TwoPossums - Whats yer webaddress Tom. I'm gonna print out the instructions to the party right now
george - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:40pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, george, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
TwoPossums - Hey george
george - hallo all
TwoPossums - Sorry ya got kicked off Big Brother.
M.C. - hi George
Blaster - Tom,I get into BWI at 9:30am.I'd be happy to give a lift to anyone that needs one at that time.
TomNine - MC, the FVF competitors are more like fitness babes than FBBs. I figure I can pack six or seven of them into the Accord at once
Blaster - Hi,george
george - ok hallo MC clepsydra and Tom all along down along out along dee
TwoPossums - I wanna see how many competitors we can pack into a phone booth with me.
TomNine - Blast, if you have a cell phone and PM me the number it might be useful that day.
george - blaster and diana can join in the fair
TomNine - George, hey.
george - two possoms peter gurney dan brewer
george - Old Uncle tom cobbly and all
Clepsydra - TomNine, you have a new Private message from Blaster
TwoPossums -
TomNine - 2P, I took down the directions site but I can give you what you need here. You are coming from Cockeysville(sp?) that day?
george - great news (well for Me).........................suspence builds
Blaster - It's called rabbiting,TP.
george - drums roll
TwoPossums - Yeah. I used MapQuest but I hear that is very unreliable. I also need directions to the pre-party Sat night. You can email me if its easier.
M.C. - I'm off good people, have a good one.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, M.C., come back soon.
M.C. - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:45pm)
george - TP first left second right ............
Blaster - Mapquest sucks....they never tell you about road contruction.
george - contruction hmm yes
TomNine - Blast, you are now in my schmoe dayrunner, right below Lizzy Bierschneider.
TomNine - 2P, I emailed dinner diections already, didn't you get it?
Blaster - If Lizzy is good looking,I don't mind being underneath her.
TwoPossums - Schmoe Dayrunner. Ha. Tom is way kewl
TwoPossums - Oh yeah. Sorry forgot. I better print that now.
TwoPossums - Is Piro comming or is he still a pussy?
TomNine - 2P, get on I-95 heading south. Follow it until it splits at the Beltway. You will see a specific exit marked for Route 1 College Park. Take it, you will have to be on I-95's second lane from the right to do this...
Blaster - Weather forecast for the weekend is very good.
TomNine - That exit will take you very briefly onto the Beltway, just merge in and get off at the next exit...
Blaster - Good weather = less clothes that gals wear.
TomNine - Get into the lane heading to Route 1 NORTH towards Laurel, not south towards College Park...
TomNine - Once on Rte 1 north you will see the hotel to your left right away. Move to the left lane as soon as safe, go past one light and take the next possible left turn.
Clepsydra - Q: How many Paul Daniels does it take to change a lightbulb ? A: None. "And dat 's magic !"
george - brb
Clepsydra - Cheerio, george, come back soon.
george - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:54pm)
TwoPossums - Later George
Blaster - The exit number off 495 is "25".
Blaster - The exit number off 495 is "25".
Blaster - Make that 25a.
TomNine - You won't have Time to worry about exit numbers, you will only be on 495 like 30 seconds.
TwoPossums - where the hell did 495 come from?
Blaster - 95 and 495 merge.
TomNine - Blast, did you get those directions off the hotel site?
Blaster - The hotel faxed them to me.
TwoPossums - Nice little hotel
TomNine - All of "The Beltway" is also known as I-495. The part of it we are concerned with is both 95 and 495.
Blaster - Fax machine is a great litle invention.
TwoPossums - Is this a real nice place. 89 bucks for a room. Its like 40 around here.
brooksie - entered the room. --- (Thu Sep 28 12:58pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, brooksie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
TomNine - 2P, I checked it out ecently, looks nice. I didn't see the rooms.
Blaster - It's the area,TP.College park is an upscale area.I've stayed at Holiday inns for 45 a nite.
TomNine - Brooksie enters again!
TwoPossums - Hey Brooksie
Blaster - Hi Brooksie
TwoPossums - I figured. Around here for 89 you get a hottub. Thats off season away from the beach of coures
TomNine - Who asked about Piro? I haven't heard from him since school started. Indiaguy maybe there.
brooksie - Good morining, all.
TwoPossums - I did. We were talking about him last night. Sad he can't come this weekend cause he hates long car drives so Tre' called him a pussy. Ha
TwoPossums - Was that all of the directions?
TomNine - Anything around DC is gonna be more expensive than similar hotels in Virginia Beach. Land costs more, salaries are higher, supply and demand, etc.
* Blaster has restaurants fax him their wine lists before he makes reservations.:)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Afternoon Watch 1:00pm
TomNine - 2P, that's all. Unless you count "park the car, go to the front desk and check in, go to your room and have wild sex right away..."
TomNine - I'm off to run some errands, bye for now.
TwoPossums - Oooo. Almost forgot that part. Thanx Tom. ...Printing...
TomNine - I'll chat with you later, Diana, Blast, 2P, and Brooksie.
TwoPossums - Later Tom
brooksie - Bye Tom.
Blaster - TP when you get off exit 25a,the hotel will be opposite you as you exit the beltway.
Blaster - Bye,Tom
Blaster - bbl
TwoPossums - Ha this is funny. The printer repair man is chatting up a girl in my office. To bad she plays for the other team so to speak. L O L
TomNine - Blast, don't look for exit #25A, you won't see it. Look for Rte 1 north towards Laurel.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 1:06pm)
Clepsydra - Off to push the prices up some more
Blaster - OK,Tom.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Blaster, come back soon.
Blaster - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 1:06pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, Blastermouse
brooksie - 2P - I take it you are going to FVF?
brooksie - Not there? I'll take a break. bbl.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, brooksie, come back soon.
brooksie - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 1:12pm)
TwoPossums - Sorry was answering email.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Afternoon Watch 1:30pm
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Afternoon Watch 2:00pm
CaptainCorc - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:10pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, CaptainCorc, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Amidst a skirl of bagpipes, the Captain reels in
CaptainCorc - And I once understudied Dick Whitington's cat.
Diana the Valkyrie - And thereby hands a tale ...
Diana the Valkyrie - /d/g/
CaptainCorc - It sure does.
CaptainCorc - Would you mind explaining those slash things to me? I've noticed you using them before, but I didn't want to interrupt.
Diana the Valkyrie - replace d with g
CaptainCorc - Ah, I see, thank you.
CaptainCorc - Much cleaner than assembler.
CaptainCorc - I have a copy of "IBM 360 Assembler for the Web", if you'd like it for your library. I can't make heads or tails out of it.
Diana the Valkyrie - Can you make paper airplanes out of it?
CaptainCorc - Lots. 30 pages for parsing a URL alone.
shadok - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:20pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, shadok, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
shadok - evening
CaptainCorc - Hi, shadok.
shadok - how are we all?
CaptainCorc - Just hunky, how about you?
Diana the Valkyrie - He's OK
shadok - how do you know?
Diana the Valkyrie - He just said so
CaptainCorc - By Gadfrey, so he did.
shadok - by gad, possibly. Egad, possibly. By Gadfrey? Don't think so]
CaptainCorc - Consider it retracted.
shadok - uh-oh, Leicester now 3-1 down to Red Star
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Afternoon Watch 2:30pm
-alacrity - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:30pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -alacrity, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Diana the Valkyrie - Oho, someone entered with alacrity
-alacrity - That's yer solution, DtV, alacrity... draft someone with a vigilant eye (perhaps anyone who is disturbed by bickering) to notify you by email of anything resembling bickering - then you can move the bickering.
Diana the Valkyrie - Did you post that suggestion on the board?
-alacrity - Oho=Ohio?
-alacrity - I posted "almost" that suggestion - I could post that, too.
* -alacrity stirs the beandip...
Diana the Valkyrie - Valkyrie feeding time, bbl
-alacrity - Okay, CC and shadok are silent, later folks...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -alacrity, come back soon.
-alacrity - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:37pm)
Clepsydra - Cheerio, shadok, come back soon.
shadok - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:38pm)
sen - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 2:54pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, sen, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hello, Sen
sen - Colour changed
sen - time to join in here again
sen - how are things around here ?
CaptainCorc - Well, howdy sen.
sen - Hi Capt`'n
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Afternoon Watch 3:00pm
sen - how are things with you ?
CaptainCorc - How's life treating you?
CaptainCorc - oops.
CaptainCorc - I'm OK, sen.
sen - treats me
CaptainCorc - Anything utterly horrible?
FistMan - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 3:08pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, FistMan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's one third of FemSport
FistMan - Colour changed
FistMan - hey guys
CaptainCorc - Hi, Fist.
FistMan - look at the muscles on this gymnast...absolutely incredible
FistMan -
CaptainCorc - Must be that Belarussian water.
FistMan - that's what the women need...the rings
FistMan - then we'd see some serious shit
CaptainCorc - They don't do the rings?
sen - hey fist
FistMan - here's a woman
FistMan - love the usa volleyball sleeveless unis
FistMan -
sen - nothing horrible Capt'n
FistMan - hey sen...long time, no talk
CaptainCorc - Glad to hear it, sen.
FistMan -
CaptainCorc - Just love those synchro swimmers.
FistMan - wonder if any sync swimmers have been disqualified for steroids?
FistMan - nobody ever gets disqualified for steroids anymore
FistMan - they get snagged for blood doping or cold medicine
CaptainCorc - I missed Politically Incorrect last night, so I didn't hear about any further disqualifications.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Afternoon Watch 3:30pm
FistMan - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Afternoon Watch 3:30pm
Clepsydra - Funny, you don't *look* clockish
CaptainCorc - Is that trifle gravy on your chin, Clepsy?
Clepsydra - Lick
Clepsydra - No
CaptainCorc - That's better.
CaptainCorc - What was it then?
Clepsydra - What was what then?
CaptainCorc - That stuff on your chin.
FistMan - What was it then?
CaptainCorc - Must have been something really disgusting.
Clepsydra - Urp
* CaptainCorc retrieves hat.
CaptainCorc - When Clepsy belches, she really belches.
FistMan - you are the clepsy-master, captain
CaptainCorc - Not me.
* CaptainCorc tosses Clepsy a trifle and stands back.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Afternoon Watch 4:00pm
-jabber - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 4:01pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble.
CaptainCorc - Jabber reappears without alacrity.
* -jabber hands FistMan the finest meats and cheeses...
-jabber - CC, you seemed asleep earlier.
CaptainCorc - Well, I thought you were talking to Diana.
-jabber - CC, I was for a spell, but she left...
Clepsydra - Did you get enchanted?
CaptainCorc - I was busy understudying Garrick's cat.
CaptainCorc - It's a very complicated role.
* -jabber hands the beandip to FistMan - or maybe he's busy with those meats and cheeses...
* -jabber throws a seemingly skinny fitness competitor at Fistie, she flexes her muscles and shows off a 3-D juicy bicep - and Fistie continues to sleep...
FistMan - hey jabs
* FistMan just posted a classic to Diana's board about somebody in this room
FistMan - I'm glad you enjoyed the meats and cheeses line so much, jabs
-jabber - Yes, Fistie, now can I have the fitness competitor back???
FistMan - enjoy her while you can
CaptainCorc - That's some solution, that Final Solution, fist.
FistMan - i wonder if jabber will actually respond to it
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ Fistie's tongue-in-cheek solution...
-jabber -
FistMan - I was surprised Diana chose to propose an actual penalty for bickering
FistMan - she sent me some contest pics...want to see?
-jabber - Fistie, DtV does a lot of stupid stuff, as for your penalty, I view that seriously as you telling Tre', "fuck you"...
Diana the Valkyrie - That got moved to the abuse board
-jabber - Fistie, you read my email about "That Was Yesterday", right?
FistMan - that's an interesting interpretation
-jabber - I know, DtV, you want a "medal"?
-jabber - How was your porridge, DtV?
FistMan - you moved that to the abuse board???? is satire no longer an accepted form of argument, diana?
-jabber - Fistie, without satire, M.C. would fall silent...
FistMan - that was yesterday?
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Diana the Valkyrie - Satire is fine, "fuck you" is probably abuse
-jabber - Fistie, perhaps you should've said, "Satire you!"
FistMan - oh...i thought you meant you moved the post on your board that i just did to the abuse board...the fuck you post definately deserved movage
-jabber - Movage? ROFLWAFBB!
Diana the Valkyrie - No, your post on my board was fine, and I've replied to it.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from FistMan
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from FistMan
* FistMan looks
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - good post...I think there is an argument to be made for cutting off the fingers...that would make it much harder to type and then they'd be forced to be much more economical with their posts and probably result in refraining from much bickering
Diana the Valkyrie - Yes, but castration would make them less aggressive
Diana the Valkyrie - And there's less to cut
Diana the Valkyrie - Very little to cut, if the rumours are true
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from FistMan
FistMan - ouch
CaptainCorc - I thought all these spats were good for the sandbox environment.
FistMan - I love it when Diana gets spunky.
John - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 4:24pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, John, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
John - Hello everybody!
FistMan - jabber, want to see jade's contest pics?
John - Jade?!
Diana the Valkyrie - Hi, John
-jabber - Of course, Fistie! Hey John...
John - Colour changed
John - Hey Jabber, you know someone named Heidi Martin?!
* CaptainCorc undescends. Luckily sterility is not an issue at this point.
FistMan - here comes
-jabber - "Know" isn't the right word, I've seen her and taken pics of her at the Emerald Cup, John...
FistMan -
FistMan -
FistMan -
John - She's cute.
FistMan - hopefully she has a little more mass right now
John - Well then Jabber, I've just spoken with Ms. Martin on the net.
-jabber - And hopefully I'll meet her this weekend, John...
John - GASP! Really Jabber?!
* -jabber immediately asks for John's autograph...
* -jabber trades autographs with John...
John - Say Jab, you wouldn't know her email would yoU?!
John - She left in a hurry....
-jabber - No, John...
John - Dammit!
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Dog Watch 4:30pm
John - Okay then Jabber, time to do me a favor then!!!!!!!!!
Clepsydra - Time is on my side.... 4:30pm
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
* -jabber hands Carmen to John, against her will...
John - NOT carmen!
-jabber - Kicking and screaming "no, no, put me down you big lug!"
-jabber -
John - SIGH!
John - You schmuck!
John - Though I'm still waiting to see pics of the lovely Carmen!
-jabber - Laughing at John - what do you want...
John - I was wondering if you want to give her my email address.
FistMan - jabber is not a schmuck...he's a damn good cook though
-jabber - John, who? I saw Heidi Martin in April in Seattle - if she's there again in 2001, I'll see her again. I just said I don't know her email address...
John - But didn't you say that you were going to see her soon Jabber?!
-jabber - Fistie, that second pic of Jade is a keeper - abs city...
John - Yes abs are always nice.
-jabber - No, John, I'm going to see that "Jade" character Fistie posted hopefully sooner...
John - DAMN!
-jabber - Hoover Damn?
John - Well, you're still luckier than ME Jabber! You rotten little....grumble grumble grumble......
John - Does anyone know Tre's email?!
FistMan - she's pretty nice, jabs...fantastic for an escort
FistMan -
John - Thanks Fist!
John - Well I must go. Been nice chatting as always!
John - And Jabber, try not to drool over Jade's muscles okay?!
FistMan - jabber, how bout if I propose to Jade that on Saturday we all do a shoot together?
FistMan - I don't know if she'll go for it, but probably worth a addition to an hour with her
Clepsydra - Time is a great healer 4:38pm
John - Bye!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, John, come back soon.
John - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 4:38pm)
-jabber - Fistie, I work alone... - if it's for my site...
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
-jabber - Later, John...
-jabber - Fistie, how many times do you think John has to be told Tre's email address?
FistMan - ok...I'll just speak for myself then
-jabber - Yes, Friday you do whatever and I'd like to schedule Saturday morn separately
FistMan - its pretty easy
-jabber - Okay, I'm off again, later folks...
-jabber - thanks for the contest pics, way cool, Fistie...
FistMan - not sure escorts work in the morning unless you mean 4am
FistMan - later, jabs
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -jabber, come back soon.
-jabber - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 4:45pm)
Clepsydra - Beware the frumious Bandersnatch
FistMan - bye diana
Clepsydra - Cheerio, FistMan, come back soon.
FistMan - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 4:45pm)
Clepsydra - His fists follow him onward.
* CaptainCorc tries an aria in a manly baritone
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Dog Watch 5:00pm
HUGEkate - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:04pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, HUGEkate, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Huger and huger every day
HUGEkate - Colour changed
CaptainCorc - Kate!!!
CaptainCorc - How lovely to see you.
HUGEkate - *HUGE* Cap'n! Great to see you!
CaptainCorc - How have you been?
HUGEkate - How have you been?
HUGEkate - Hehehe there's an echo in the room...
CaptainCorc - How awkward. "
HUGEkate - I'm doing great thanks... a little tired today, but well.
CaptainCorc - I'm doing OK also.
HUGEkate - I have a training partner... I'm pretty excited. alot easier to do the big lifts and the one last rep with someone keepin an eye on ya
CaptainCorc - I imagine it would be.
CaptainCorc - If I'm not careful, I'll be needing a spotter to get out of bed soon.
HUGEkate - I finally got a few pics scanned... nothing posted yet. but if you'll resend your email (i've managed to lose it somehow) I'll send ya a few
CaptainCorc -
HUGEkate - from inactivity and not injury I hope....
CaptainCorc - Mostly inactivity.
HUGEkate - Excellent... I've updated my address book and I'll try to get them out soon. I left the disk in my daytimer at work...
HUGEkate - Doing any writing?
CaptainCorc - No, he answered sheepishly.
HUGEkate - Hehehe I just introduced myself to someone as a writer who doesn't write... he seems to have met quite a few of my type...
CaptainCorc - It's more and more common, I believe.
HUGEkate - During the conversation, it occured to me that my addiction to chat may be due to the release of creative energy I am not spending elsewhere
CaptainCorc - I once proposed to a group of friends that we form a writer's group. The condition for membership was that no one wrote anything.
HUGEkate - I formed one! about ten years ago now I guess...
CaptainCorc - Really? Do you ever have gatherings?
HUGEkate - two of the mebers got married and produced other "works" but none of us actually ever wrote anything
HUGEkate - they are back in Pennsylvania... haven't seen them in years
CaptainCorc - Most commendable.
HUGEkate - Well, dear friend, I need to run after my youngest... just wanted to get that address from you.
CaptainCorc - I tell you Kate, I rue the day I ever thought I could write.
CaptainCorc - Ok. Good to see you.
HUGEkate - mmmm could as in techinique or could as in could physically do it?
CaptainCorc - Be good at it.
CaptainCorc - Why the hell couldn't I have had the same feeling for, say, electrical engineering? Something lucrative.
HUGEkate - *HUGE* You, just like me, dear captain just need a bit of Nike
HUGEkate - Just do it!
CaptainCorc - I'd take that stance for bank robbing. Writing is just too difficult.
HUGEkate - I'm sorry wqe never seem to have much time to chat... I always enjoy your company
Clepsydra - Time and tide waits for no-one 5:19pm
CaptainCorc - As I do yours.
HUGEkate - Hope to talk with you again soon!
CaptainCorc - Me too.
HUGEkate - Bye~~~~~~~~
Clepsydra - Cheerio, HUGEkate, come back soon.
HUGEkate - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:20pm)
Clepsydra - Hug hug, Huge.
CaptainCorc - Bye.
Denny K - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:23pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Denny K, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Denny K - Captian?
CaptainCorc - Hello, Denny.
Denny K - /colourwhite
Denny K - How's the PNW?
Denny K - Colour changed
CaptainCorc - Very nice. Lots of sun.
Denny K - Any new fbb's out there?
CaptainCorc - Damned if I know.
CaptainCorc - I don't get out much
Denny K - CC: I'm thinking of writing some new stories fact/fiction about two girls I dated in college.
Denny K - both were years ahead of their time.
CaptainCorc - Sounds good, Denny. I'm sure Diana will welcome them.
Denny K - Both were of Eastern European decent..........POWERFUL!
Denny K - funny thing CC.......for all the power these girls had in college, both now have health problems.
Denny K - funny thing CC.......for all the power these girls had in college, both now have health problems.
CaptainCorc - Were they ingesting dangerous substances?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Dog Watch 5:30pm
Denny K - One wasn't 5'3" 165.......the other 5'3" 190-195 I think was.
brooksie - entered the room. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:31pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, brooksie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
CaptainCorc - Hi, brooksie.
Denny K - I saw the bigger girl throw 4 girls around like a Hercules movie.
Denny K - hey Brook
brooksie - Hey CC, Denny.
brooksie - Go on with your story. Don't let me interrupt.
Denny K - brook, I was tring to tell you the two stories I've written about these girls the other nite.........90% true.
Denny K - I want to continue to write about my expierence with these two MONSTERS.
brooksie - Yes, the girls you dated of E. European descent.
brooksie - How big were they?
Denny K - Yes brook there (the stories) are in Diana's Library
Denny K - Darlene 5'3" 165......Cindy 5'3" 190 to 195....although she got up to 230 with some "medication".
brooksie - Oh, I didn't realize you'd posted them already. What are they called?
Denny K - Darlene..."The girl with the cast-iron chest" & Cindy "Bends iron bars with her bare hands".
TwoPossums - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:39pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TwoPossums, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - At least two Possums have arrived.
TwoPossums - Hey all
brooksie - 5'3" and 230? Geez! Steroids?
brooksie - Hi 2P. I think I read the former, DK.
TwoPossums - Sorry I missed ya at lunch Brooksie. I was checking my email.
Denny K - TP!!!!!!!!!
TwoPossums - Denny!!!!!
brooksie - That's ok, it got me off my butt and back to work.
Denny K - brook, cost me $200.00 to fix the bars!!!!!!!
TwoPossums - Ha. Yeah I shoulda gone back to work too
Denny K - don't get me 230 she was carring some fat........but she was really strong!
TwoPossums - Saw the fat chick in my office lift a co-worker up the other day. Like he was a rag doll. Fat chicks are strong.
brooksie - I can't even picture 5'3"/230 without gross obesity.
Denny K - TP at 190 she was rock jiggle at all.
Denny K - 230 her boobs were bigger than her head!!!!!!!!!
TwoPossums - Kewl. Not my baliwick but its still kewl
Denny K - I think both of these girls carried so much weight because they were so "thick" bed they both held you way above the matress when you laid on top of them.
TwoPossums - Ha. Sounds like you had a day there my man.
Denny K - TP: what's you taste?
Denny K - I liked Cindy (the bigger) because she knew how to fight,,,,and really enjoyed it.
Denny K - Of course when you never lose, fighting is a lot of fun.
brooksie - Who never lost,you or her?
Denny K - brooke......she never lost a fight, or test of strength with ANY woman........even today I think she would do well.
Denny K - funny thing...we all live in the same town and Darlene and Cindy never met.
brooksie - Sounds like she got into a lot of them. Were you putting her up to it. (ysb)
brooksie - Obviously you never introduced them. wher were yor manners?
TwoPossums - Andrulla Blachette. Densise Hosher. Chyna
Denny K - You bet!!!!! I was working as a musician and making good money as I went to school........I'd sponsor "contest" and put up $50.00 to the winner.........alot of money at the time for a college kid.
Clepsydra - It's later than you think 5:56pm
TwoPossums - Gotta go. later
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TwoPossums, come back soon.
TwoPossums - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 5:56pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, 2P
Denny K - By TP
brooksie - 2P, if that's your taste them, well, you are rading my mail, pal.
Denny K - Never had too much trouble getting contestants.
brooksie - then, that is, although tasting them would be fine, I'm sure.
Denny K - Blanchet is HOT...met her in NY.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Dog Watch 6:00pm
brooksie - What's she like?
brooksie - Hey Cap, head still above water?
Denny K - English...likes to pose...saw her at a "Celebration of the Female Amazon" in March.
CaptainCorc - Just barely.
Denny K - THICK......brook.
brooksie - Yeah, I read about it in WPW. Go to any of the panel discussions?
Denny K - Only the big show and discussion......all girls were very educated and spoke well.......I was dissapointed when I found out about half were "gay".
Denny K - Met Troy and Chris Envall..........FIRST CLASS!
brooksie - At least it was only half.
Denny K - Greenwich Village............normal.
brooksie - What sorts of things were discussed?
Denny K - Mostly why women are looked on a freeks if they bodybuild.
Denny K - Most of the girls wore almost "nothing".
brooksie - Anyone of the opinion that's changing?
Denny K - NO) getting worse...........drugs are out of control!
Denny K - Blanchett, Marie, Rivecceo were HUGE
Denny K - As was Fierstein
Denny K - 4'8" tall and 4'8" wide!
brooksie - On drugs?
Denny K - afraid so...although ALL of the girls skirted the question.
brooksie - Reminds me of Jimmy Rushing...Mr. 5 x 5.
Denny K - Doughdee Marie looked like a "MOUNTAIN".
Denny K - brook....your giving away your age!!!!!!
brooksie - I guess it's taken for granted at that level.
Denny K - When you see these girls in person you realize that most are in their 30's to late 40's ...that surprised me for some reason.
brooksie - It's not a secret...I have too many others to worry about covering that up.
Denny K - the pictures in WPW made most of the girls look good....better than in person.
brooksie - I guess they needed to mature mentally to have the strength of will to do that. Younger girsl are more subject to peer pressure.
Denny K - Although Envall, Blanchett, Rivecceo are young women.
Denny K - I'm a HUGE fan of FBB's but I think it's all come down to drugs.
brooksie - Really? Which ones improved in print? Andrulla seems so beautiful if every photo I see of her.
Denny K - the three I mentioned are beautiful...but the others reALLY show some milage....there in their 40's.
Denny K - I'm kind of shocked that no new WOMEN MOUNTAINS are coming out, eg. NICOLE, Prinn,etc
brooksie - still, they're in great shape for their age. that's admirable, no?
Denny K - brooke most could kill an average man between their thighs!!! But the forever goddess is a myth.
Denny K - brooke, ever go out with a muscle girl?
Texy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 6:25pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Texy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Official Chatroom Wacko.
Denny K - TEX!!!!!!!!!!!
Denny K - How's your woman mountain?
Texy - Hey talkin' to me Denny? Athena...
Denny K - YES SIR!
Texy - hey brooksie...I like yer stories!
Texy - Don't see her much anymore, Denny...
John - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 6:27pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, John, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
John - Colour changed
Denny K - brook..I'll have to read them...what's you "angle" in you stories?
Texy - Hey John!
Denny K - Tex: you break up?
John - Yo.
Denny K - BIG JOHN!
brooksie - A couple. One relationship is documented fairly accurately in my story "Ms. Olympus,Part One". they weren't FBB's though.
* John slumps into a chair.
Texy - Kind of a gradual parting, Denny...we're still friends...just not on the love track anymore...
Clepsydra - Denny K, you have a new Private message from John
Clepsydra - John, you have a new Private message from Denny K
brooksie - hello Tex, John.
Clepsydra - Denny K, you have a new Private message from John
Denny K - brook...I'll give it a read.
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Dog Watch 6:30pm
Clepsydra - John, you have a new Private message from Denny K
Denny K - Brook......M or F?
brooksie - Tex - glad you like the stories. Two more coming this week
Sebastian - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 6:31pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Sebastian, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Denny K - Tex: any Amazon's on the horizon??????
Sebastian - heeeelllooooo everybody
John - HIya Seb.
Denny K - Hey Seb
brooksie - DK - Me? I'm M. Is that what you meant?
Texy - Celibate at present,'s FG?
Clepsydra - Denny K, you have a new Private message from John
Texy - Hello Sebastian...
Denny K - yes brook...thought so.
brooksie - Hello Seb.
Denny K - Tex; very well, we're going to Scotland for a week, next week.
Sebastian - Hello brooksie , never met you, are you from the brooksie strories ??
Denny K - Tex: I plan on laying a "little pipe"
Texy - Cool...I love Scotland...though I don't want Diana to hear, I like it the best of the British Isle...
Denny K - Tex: any babes?
* Texy checks his "pipe" and discerns it needs to be laid...:)
John - Tex maybe you should not have WRITTEN that then. She DOES watch what we write here!
Denny K - Tex: FG likes the "BIG" pipe!!!!!!!
Texy - No babes in my life 'cept my 9 year old...but I look at pics of babes all the time...
John - Well I'm a prom dress.
John - OH shut up Denny!
Denny K - bye John
Texy - Bye john...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, John, come back soon.
John - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 6:35pm)
Texy - I did send Diana six new TexTunes yesterday...
Denny K - Tex: how do the girls look in Scotland?
Sebastian - C ya John
Texy - Cute but bad teeth...probably some strong girls up in the HIghlands where they throw boulders for sport...
brooksie - Sorry, got occupied. Yes Seb, one and the same.
Denny K - Tex: ever been in Edinburgh?
Sebastian - HMMMM I like your stories, nice to meet you brooksie
Texy - Spent about a week there...terrific...
* Texy notes he hasn't written a story in a long time...
brooksie - you are too kins, sir.
Denny K - Any hoity babe's their???? Any gyms?
Texy - All schmoos are akin, brooksie...
Sebastian - LOL first time someone calls met sir
Clepsydra - Time for tea 6:38pm
Texy - Didn't look, Denny...
brooksie - Tex - are you Tex Biceps?
Denny K - Dinner calls .................later all.
Texy - One and the same, brooksie...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Denny K, come back soon.
Denny K - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 6:39pm)
brooksie - kind, that was.
Sebastian - Bye bye Denny
brooksie - Well, good stuff. You should write something new now that you have some time on your hands.
Clepsydra - Time is a great healer 6:41pm
Texy - Thanks, B...I'm concentrating more on redoing my galleries and written schmoo music...
brooksie - schmoo music?
Texy - written=writing...need to stick to music...
Texy - I've written a few ditties before on this site...don't think they're still up...I compose on a multi-track recorder...Diana with thematic content relevant to this site...
brooksie - What do you play?
Texy - Guitar, keyboards, bass, drum machine...pseudo vocals...
brooksie - So there are words? (I was thinking soudtracks for wrestling matches)
Texy - Some have words...
Texy -
Texy - If you have real player, that link is one of the theme song...
brooksie - I was a musician by profession for many years.
Texy - Here's some more...
Texy -
Sebastian - Me too in Holland for 15 years
Texy - I played in groups my teens and early just for fun...what do you play?
brooksie - I don't have audio capability, although being on this site makes me think I'm missing something
Texy - Damn, I can't type or proofread today...
Texy - No prob, brooksie...
Texy - The songs I sent Diana are entitled: ...Girls Fight, Submission, Testosterone (Thinkin' with my Crotch), Session Infidelity, Lisa's Mine...
brooksie - there are a lot of musicians in this room. I'm surprised. I played bass first but mandolin has been my main inst. for 20 years now.
Texy - Oh...and the Ballad of Reverend Femuscle...
Texy - Denny is still a professional is Hiram...
Sebastian - Did you have a lot of pro work with a mandolin??
Texy - Perhaps there's a link between music and schmoodom...
brooksie - I'm trying to imagine these songs. Are they humourous, tongue-in-cheek?
Sebastian - Or maybe a sit e for musicians who love to wrestle ladies
Texy - Indeed, Brooksie...on two I lifted audio from videos and layered it in with the music...
brooksie - Hiram , that's who I couldn't remember. Yes, Seb quite a lot.
* Texy is still session virgin...
Texy - brooksie...some of the lyrics are on this link...
brooksie - I wonder if it's just musicians (not that we have conclusive evidence) or artists in general. I'll bet writers are in there like dirty shirts.
Texy -
Texy - That's an , B....the topic of what creates a schmoo has been debated frequently here...
brooksie - Really? Any conclusions drawn?
Texy - Sebastian, what instrument do you play...
Texy - Not really...I did a survey of schmoos to shed some light on the topic a year or two ago...
Clepsydra - Q: How many Dan Quayles does it take to screw in a light bulb, eh darlin? A: One, but it 'as to be a pretty dim bulb.
Sebastian - Drums ( and a little keyboards but for drums I was well known here in Holland
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Dog Watch 7:00pm
brooksie - What did you ask them?
armfan - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:00pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, armfan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Oh look, it's the armfan and his gigantic ...
brooksie - Seb, do you know of Han Benninck? (grat jazz drummer from Holland)
armfan - Hey, all!
Texy - Conventional psychological thought (there's much debate) posits that each individual has a point in which their ready to establish sexual that point, what the individual is exposed to becomes their desires...
Texy - Here's the survey...
Sebastian - Hi AF
Texy -
brooksie - Hello Armfan.
Texy - Howdy AF!
armfan - Colour changed
Texy - Sorry...wait a sec...
armfan - Hey, Tex! Do you wanna listen to my music?
Texy -
Texy - Sure, AF...via RealPlayer?
armfan - Via an mp3 - player, but online.
Texy - Seb, did you play varied styles of music?
Texy - Not sure I'm set up fer that...
armfan -
armfan - Go there and if you want to listen to the tracks without downloading click on lo-fi.
Sebastian - You see another musician !!!! I think if you ask Mick Jagger he loves to wrestle a woman
brooksie - Then a schmoo, as you call them (I thought they were schmoes) would have had an early experience with a strong girl around the time of puberty, is that it?
Clepsydra - Time for a change 7:04pm
Sebastian - Yep I have done conservatory also
Texy - At almost any point, brooksie...I was into strong women before puberty, though more of an interest that sexual...
armfan - seb, listen to my music.
Sebastian - i will armfan
brooksie - this is getting a little weird. I know hundreds of musicians and none has ever revealed any schmoe, or schmoo traits.
armfan - now.
brooksie - I can recall a fascination that extended to pre-pubesence as well. Also not sexual.
armfan - If it were sexual, it couldn't have been pre-pubesence.
brooksie - Exactly. I'm not sure what it was at that point.
brooksie - btw Tex, I am also a session virgin.
armfan - brooksie, you too may listen to my music.
brooksie - I regret not having the capability.
Sebastian - It can also be çause it is not excisting so much that you have to find out, I know for some reason the freeling was alway there and when I fantasized about it I thought there was noone who thought like me AT the Internet I saw that there were more of this dudes
brooksie - Seb - do you think it's widespread?
armfan - Are you sure you can't, brooksie, have you tried?
brooksie - Yes, I'm sure. I have no audio player of any kind.
Sebastian - No I think not but I also think most of men are ashamed to say that theyt like çause mosly the man is the macho man who cant lose
brooksie - Have you had session exprience, Seb?
armfan - I can't lose.
brooksie - At what, Armfan?
armfan - anything.
brooksie - Indeed. Any session experience?
armfan - no.
Sebastian - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:25pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Sebastian, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Sebastian - Hiyah folks
brooksie - No interest?
Sebastian - Yep I ve done some
brooksie - wb, Seb.
armfan - yeah, no interest in sessions.
brooksie - How were they, Seb?
brooksie - AW, Armfan?
Sebastian - They were pretty OK , it was quite amazing when you feel a supermusculare lady like Colette guimond , cause here in holland some girls are strong but you never see muscles like that at a girl
armfan - What was your question?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Dog Watch 7:30pm
brooksie - Are you into armwrestling with women?
armfan - Oh, yes, I'm more f-f fan, but I never deny a challenge.
Socrates - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:32pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Socrates, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Socrates, himself, is particularly missed
Socrates - hello fellow citizens
Socrates - Colour changed
Sebastian - hellocrates
armfan - Hello, pink soc.
brooksie - Seems like a lot of women will go as far as armwrestling but no further.
armfan - If boomer's site would work, I could've seen your pic with the sign - but no, boomer has to chose MSN and make Bill Gates rich...
brooksie - Soc, hi there.
Socrates - armfan, you should have been watching the show - there i was live
Socrates - why can't you see boomer's site?
armfan - How can I watch the today show?
Socrates - Satellite TV
SocFan - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:36pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, SocFan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
armfan - I have to go, call my girl, bye!
Socrates - hi SF
SocFan - Been drinkin', AF?
Clepsydra - Cheerio, armfan, come back soon.
armfan - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:36pm)
Clepsydra - ... ego
Sebastian - Bye bye AF
Socrates - cya af
brooksie - Bye for now Armfan.
Clepsydra - SocFan, you have a new Private message from Socrates
* SocFan bows to the TV star in the room...
Clepsydra - Socrates, you have a new Private message from SocFan
Sebastian - Do you people paly music socrates and socfan ??
brooksie - So you're a celeb now, Soc?
Socrates - no real plans yet SF, about a 4 day stopover
Sebastian - Yes I am going to do a research
Socrates - brooksie, you can only speak to me through my agent now
Socrates - Seb, Tex plays, I try
Socrates - have to go - bye for now
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Socrates, come back soon.
Socrates - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:41pm)
Clepsydra - A lovely little thinker
brooksie - Would that be SF?
Sebastian - That would be another part of my research
Sebastian - Oh bye by way Socrates
brooksie - Speaking of music, I have go to to a rehersal.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, brooksie, come back soon.
brooksie - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:46pm)
Sebastian - good luck Brooksie
Sebastian - Socfan has socrates also a website ??
SocFan - Sorry...I was eatin', Soc doesn't have a site that I know of...
Sebastian - Can I find soc somewhere on this site ?
Tex - Nickname change, SocFan is now known as Tex
Tex - He's got a few pics in the galleries...have you seen his pic on boomer's site?
Sebastian - Ah a part of my research has finished Socfan is Tex
Josef - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 7:53pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Josef, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Sebastian - No
Tex - Hey Josef!
Josef - hello people......
Sebastian - hiyajosef
Josef - link/
Josef -
Tex - Here's boomer's site...
Sebastian - Josef knows what is right for the people
Josef - thank you.......
Tex -
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Dog Watch 8:00pm
Josef (again) - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:02pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Josef (again), welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Tex - Boomer's site loads real slow...
Josef (again) - yep
Josef (again) -
Josef (again) -
Josef (again) -
Tex - Nice ladies, J...
Josef (again) - imagion she`s waiting for you like this ..........
Josef (again) -
Josef (again) -
Sebastian - Josef for President !!!
Clepsydra - Monica needs to work on her resume. I just saw a copy, and her experience is limited to 18 months on the Presidential staff...
* Tex writes in a ballot with Josef's name on it...
Josef (again) - i am just looking on the internet......
Josef (again) - but Tonia is something, dont ya think ?
Josef (again) -
Sebastian - yep I look also but everywhere I go I have to become a member with my creditcard and I dont want to use it on the internet
Josef (again) - these are all from free sites....
Josef (again) - do you mind little erotic pics ?
Sebastian - NOOOOOOOO (do you ?)
Josef (again) - because Linn is so cool.........
Josef (again) -
Sebastian - wow ndeed she is cool
-jabber - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:24pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble.
HardbodyPaul - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:24pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, HardbodyPaul, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsydra picks up Paul and starts squatting ... 171, 172, 173 ...
Tex - jabby!
HardbodyPaul - Colour changed
Tex - Paul!
Josef (again) -
HardbodyPaul - Hi fella's!
Sebastian - hello jabber and HP
* -jabber thinks Tex has turned into gaily...
Josef (again) - hey guys......
HardbodyPaul - Was wondering why there are so few people in here tonight. Thought maybe they were all at the FVF already.
Tex - How's that, jabs?
HardbodyPaul - Nah...Gaily left for DC on Wed., I think.
-jabber - HBP, you been getting the emails I've been sending? And summarily ignorin' 'em?
Tex - The important folks are here, Paul...well, 'cept for jabs...
-jabber - With the exclamation points, Texan.
HardbodyPaul - Ummm...lemme' think, Jabbs.....Got one a few days ago. Haven't checked my mail yet today.
HardbodyPaul - , Tex
FistMan - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:27pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, FistMan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's one third of FemSport
HardbodyPaul - Keep those pics coming, Josef
FistMan - Colour changed
HardbodyPaul - Hey, Fistman! How you be?
FistMan - hey yo
-jabber - PM to HBP: that was a joke about gaily, I know she left for DC/Virginia yesterday...
Clepsydra - Q: How many Prolog programmers does it take to change a light bulb? A: False.
FistMan - paul, too bad you ain't coming this weekend...haven't seen you in a long time
Sebastian - Yep Josef is in excellent shape tonight!!
HardbodyPaul - Will you be there this weekend, Fistman?
FistMan - great, my man...yourself?
FistMan - yeah...i'll be there tomorrow afternoon
HardbodyPaul - But, I am coming, Fistman.
* Tex reads jabber's emails, THEN ignores them...
Josef (again) - only use pics other great photographers make..............
Sebastian - Hello FM
Tex - Hey Fisty...
FistMan - hi sebastian, tex, jo
Tex - Me too, Josef...
FistMan -'s good news...when you coming in?
HardbodyPaul - Actually, I strained a muscle in the rhomboid area pretty good this morning at the gym. And was actually thinking that it was serious enough to prevent me from sitting on the plane ride out there. But, I think I'm going to make it. We'll see how it feels in the morning.
FistMan - jabs, jade doesnt seem to want to do pics or anything right now...she said she would love to another time, but apparently isn't in tip top shape as of right now...think she had implants recently
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the First Watch 8:30pm
HardbodyPaul - My flight arrives tomorrow evening, Fistman. Late, I believe. Jabber and I are catching the same connecting flight out of Tennessee.
-jabber - Shit! Sorry to hear that, HBP - good think it wasn't your parallelogram.
FistMan - i want to call some strip clubs tonight in the maryland/dc/virginia area tonight and see if they'll admit to having any muscle...think that's a good strategy?
Tex - @geometricJabber...
HardbodyPaul - Parallelagram?
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - oh...that's right...jabs told me
HardbodyPaul - Seriously though, just sitting here at the computer right now is really making it ache! UGH!
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ HBP's incredulousness.
FistMan - that'll teach you to stay fit
-jabber - HBP, I'm sure one of the FemSpit girls knows massage, there, there...
* FistMan eats his terryaki salmon stir fry
FistMan - jade does massage...she'll hook you up
* -jabber eats his Mary Yockey Souffle...
FistMan - my damn printer just broke so I can't print out any directions to anywhere...have to write the damn things down
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from HardbodyPaul
el piro - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:33pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, el piro, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - HardbodyPaul, you have a new Private message from -jabber
HardbodyPaul - OOoo, ooo, THAT would do the trick, Fistman!
HardbodyPaul - Hiya, el
Tex - Piro...the non-pussy...
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from HardbodyPaul
Sebastian - Hi there Piroman ( that means someone who sets all in fire in dutch )
Clepsydra - HardbodyPaul, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - apparently, i was wrong...piro isn't a pussy...he's something entirely different...but i'm not at liberty to reveal what that is
FistMan - means the same thing in english
el piro - buena tarde cada uno! cómo usted todo ha sido?
* el piro is in spanish mood today
-jabber - Vampiro?
FistMan - where's tommy baby? I could use his geographical sense right now
Clepsydra - HardbodyPaul, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from HardbodyPaul
HardbodyPaul - What's the weather like in Maryland right now? What kind of clothes should I bring, Fist?
-jabber - Fistie, T9 gives needlessly complicated directions, I'll have a rental car map, so there'll be no probs...
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from HardbodyPaul
FistMan -
HardbodyPaul - So, Fistman, it's been so long since I've chatted with you or saw you. Do you still look the same? Are you a lawyer yet?
FistMan - i'm still a student...i probably look fairly similar to what i looked like 3 years ago
FistMan - 2 years ago
-jabber - HBP, I saw Fistie as recently as early August this year in Vegas- still easy to recognize him
HardbodyPaul - Thanx for the weather link, Fistman. Is Beltsville near College Park? Looks to be great weather this weekend! YEAH!
Sebastian - Josef has dried up
FistMan - looks like it is going to be in the 60s at weather...70s during the day
FistMan - its within 20 miles so i'm sure its similar weather
el piro - damn CT's supposed to be 36 tonight
-jabber - Fistie, no pictures or not, is this "Jade" interested in flexing her arse off in a session (whatever you want to call it?) - AND armwrestling???
HardbodyPaul - I've changed my hair style a bit. But, nothing major. Can't remember what my weight was back when you saw me last, Fistman. But, I've probably put on a few pounds since then.
FistMan - ok...about to call the first strip club...what should i ask? do you have any female bodybuilders that dance there or do you have any muscular women or what?
-jabber - HBP, still got the goatee? I actually have a "light beard" since you saw me... - Fistie, too actually.
HardbodyPaul - Is this "Jade" you speak of, Tex, a dancer? Muscular one? Bodybuilder/dancer?
FistMan - yeah...she said she'd love to wrestle and flex
HardbodyPaul - Where you at, El Piro?
FistMan - i'm a little less thin now
-jabber - HBP, are you on medication? Jade in Dallas is unrelated to the Jade in DC - if you followed those email links, you'd have seen her...
HardbodyPaul - You goin' clubbin' with us, Fistman?
FistMan - i don't have any facial hair
el piro - i am in connecticut
-jabber -
* el piro piro
el piro - oops
HardbodyPaul - When did you send these E-mail links, Jabbs? I don't recall recieving any links in an E-mail from ya.
-jabber - Piro, you comin' to FVF???
* FistMan is spearheading the, you, soc, jabber, boomer, maybe tom, blaster i think are all going after the dinner at some point
piro - Nickname change, el piro is now known as piro
-jabber - there's a small chance you didn't get them, HBP - as it said "tried for the last 4 hours to send"...
HardbodyPaul - Ahhh..damn, that sounds like FUN, Fist!
FistMan - i didn't include HBP in my email cause i didn't know he was coming
piro - jabb.....nope
-jabber - No, Fistie, but I sent 'em to him...
FistMan - what should i ask, fellas?
HardbodyPaul - Just clicked the link. Jade looks THICK! She dances there somewhere?
-jabber - Fistie, ask the guy if any of the women there are "jacked"...
HardbodyPaul - Ask them what you just said, Fistman. That's what I did when I researched a bit of the clubs in Columbus for the Arnold.
FistMan - first club says...not huge, but some women who are cut
FistMan -
Clepsydra - HardbodyPaul, you have a new Private message from -jabber
HardbodyPaul - I told them that I was going to be a part of a group of guys coming to town to attend a female bodybuilding show and that we wanted to see if we could find a muscular dances in any of the area clubs.
FistMan - should i look at the baltimore clubs??
-jabber -
FistMan - that's a good tact to take
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from HardbodyPaul
Clepsydra - HardbodyPaul, you have a new Private message from -jabber
HardbodyPaul - That last pic you just put up, Jabber is Devon. She used to be a cam girl associated with Venus' site. I've chatted with her several times. She's awesome!
-jabber - Devon??? That's supposed to be "Jade" the same girl, HBP...
-jabber - FistMan, tell the guy that I have "two wallets" - that usually gets 'em.
HardbodyPaul - Yep, same girl then, Jabbs. I didn't know what state she lived in before. But, I did know that she was somewhere out East.
HardbodyPaul - She's very into domination!
piro - paul......i used to be a member of devon's site, and let me tell u...she got the goods
HardbodyPaul - She works as a Dominatrix. She used to tell us all about during her cam shows.
HardbodyPaul - Yep, she does indeed, Piro.
Sebastian - Maybe you arrive already with two empty wallets
FistMan - doesn't say she does dom work in her description
Blaster - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 8:50pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Blaster, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hey, it's Blasterman, we can start the party now
HardbodyPaul - Damn, you guys are making me really pissed now, since I'm going to be so poor this trip. It's going to be something that I'm not used to.
Blaster - Hey hey hey.
HardbodyPaul - B-man! Hey, is Blaster going with us clubbin'?
* Blaster will be riding shotgun on the safari.
FistMan - do you have any bodybuilders that work there? Answer: No, this is a strip club.
HardbodyPaul - Shotgun?
-jabber - No Seb, I guard my wallets carefully - Blaster, got your one line email - quit being so GD verbose!
Sebastian - Hello Blaster
FistMan - hey blaster
-jabber - FistMan, say "female bodybuilders"...
Blaster - @jabbs
FistMan - me, boomer and jabber will have cars
* -jabber sings "Cars" by Gary Newman...
Sebastian - whats the lst thing you wanted to say jabber ?
Blaster - Jabber you got enough eloquence for both of us.
HardbodyPaul - You probably won't get good responses phrasing it like that, Fistman. Try asking them if they have any dancers with muscular physiques.
FistMan - anybody want to help out with these calls? i don't think i'm doing very well...i can give you some links
-jabber - FistMan, ask if they have female dancers with muscles that make guys horny.
HardbodyPaul - How many clubs you got there, Fistman?
HardbodyPaul - Now Jabber's just being goofy.
-jabber - Did HBP just ask Fistie how big his "club" was?
FistMan - umm...i have a list in maryland, dc, and northern virginia...with reviews and phone numbers
Blaster - Gotta find one or two places that are good.Otherwise you spend the night driving around and paying cover charges.
HardbodyPaul - I found a picture of a very muscular dancers on one DC club's web site. But, when I checked the listed schedule for what dancers would be dancing when, she wasn't on it at all.
FistMan - you have to get phone verification...the web stuff is rare and probably outdated anyhow
HardbodyPaul - It's been my experience that 9 out of 10 clubs have at least one girl with some amount of muscle! Dancers in general tend to have a little bit anyway.
* -jabber suggests we take the Concorde to Mitchell Bros on O'Farrell's in SF...
Tex - mmmmmmmm...strippers with muscle...
HardbodyPaul -
-jabber - Blaster, that's why "you" pay the cover and I buy the "second" round of drinks (if the place is bad, we leave BEFORE the second round of drinks)...
Blaster - If your gonna commision the Concorde,why not go to Amsterdam.
FistMan -
HardbodyPaul - No shit, Jabber! That place kicks ass!!!!!
FistMan - paul found the same link i did
HardbodyPaul -
Blaster - Jabbs,I'm surprised you didn't like Atlanta......guess you didn't check out the Gold Club?
HardbodyPaul - I did, Fistman?
Sebastian - In Amsterdam isnt anyone with muscles at the moment ( not any female
HardbodyPaul - Damn I wish we could find GRAce at GoodGuys in DC. That girl ROCKS!
-jabber - Yes I did, Blaster - Gold Club had a bunch of skinny girls..
-jabber - HBP, your link didn't work.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the First Watch 9:00pm
Blaster - When I was at Gold Club,they had every shape and size.There must have been at least 100 gals working there.
FistMan - we did, paul...i sent that link out to the boys
Blaster - www.goodguysclub sounds like a gay place.....
HardbodyPaul - But, did you see any MUSCLE, B-man?
HardbodyPaul - Try the second link I posted, Jabbs.
Tex - Aren't all schmoos really gay?
-jabber - Agreed about "Good Guys" sounding like a gay place - in SF, Blaster, we'd have "researched" that.
-jabber - No, Tex, just the folks who claim they aren't.
Blaster - Yeah,saw some great glutes,HBP.
-jabber - HBP, "Grace" is just "passable", nothing to get your panties in an uproar over - remember Taylor in Detroit? Now THAT was something...
FistMan - somebody call that place up
* Tex thinks jabs is real particular...
HardbodyPaul - Taylor was a real rarity, Jabbs. It's nearly impossible to find a fbb of that quality in a strip club.
Sebastian - I go to have a sleepy time
Clepsydra - Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years 9:05pm
Bboy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:05pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Bboy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Blaster - Bye,Sebastian
HardbodyPaul - Call where, Fistman? GoodGuys?
Bboy - Hello, gents!!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Sebastian, come back soon.
Sebastian - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:05pm)
* -jabber has an FBB in his throat, ahemHeatherPolickyahem - ah, that's better..
HardbodyPaul - G'night, Sebastian
HardbodyPaul - Hey, Bboy
Blaster - Hi,Bboy
-jabber - Later, Sebastian, hey Bboy...
Bboy - How's it goin' jabber, Blaster, Fistman, HBP, Tex and piro??
Tex - Doin' great, SchmooSon of the South...
-jabber - It's goin, Bboy, I'm gonna see "most" of these schmoos this weekend at FVF...
* -jabber wonders if HBP understood my throat clearin'..
Bboy - jabber, I was wanting to ask you about selling videos on ebay, Rob told me yesterday that you sold one vid for $81!!
Tex - They call me Mr. Tex, jabs...
Blaster - Hey,instead of going out hunting.....why don't we pay Sheila and Tatiana to do an hour of nude wrestling with each other.LOL
Clepsydra - I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine. 9:08pm
-jabber - Yes, Bboy...
GotBooted! - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:08pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, GotBooted!, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
GotBooted! - I did, Jabber!
Bboy - I like that Tex, ShmooSonof the South, SSS, great!!
GotBooted! - Colour changed
FistMan - yeah goodguys
-jabber - Blaster, 'cause goin' to strip clubs "some" of us would find more enjoyable than watching two females wrestle...
GotBooted! - Colour changed
HardbodyPaul - Nickname change, GotBooted! is now known as HardbodyPaul
-jabber - ROFLWAFBB @ HBP!
HardbodyPaul - I'm callin' GoodGuys right now.
Tex - Gals gonna be wrasslin' at the FVF?
Blaster - Watch your butt,HBP.
FistMan - i'm not paying tatianna to do anything
-jabber - "Excuse me, do you have any ladies that can lift me?" HBP says to GoodGuys...
HardbodyPaul - I'll be good.
Blaster - They can get you right through the phone lines.
-jabber - Fistie, did Tatianna beat you at armwrestling and you're pissed now?
HardbodyPaul - Got a recording.
Blaster - Tex,I think you should saddle up and get to the FVF.
Bboy - Hey, if anyone sees Tatianna, please tell her "I love her"!!
HardbodyPaul - @ Jabber. Just saw that.
HardbodyPaul - Anyway, the recording stated what dancers were dancing that day. Both day and night shft. So, I'll bring the number and we'll have to call Saturday.
Tex - I might have really considered it if muscular gals was wrasslin'...not armwrasslin', wrasslin'...
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
HardbodyPaul - Tatiana is one very intriguing looking lady, indeed, Bboy.
HardbodyPaul - I just want to touch Tat's legs.. Just once!
* -jabber waits for Bboy to read his "intriguing" PM...
Blaster - How about Tats Tits?
HardbodyPaul - She has tits?
-jabber - Nah, Blaster, what are you, a weirdo? All I want is her arms, biceps and armwrestling...
Blaster - Somtimes I wonder,jabbs.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
HardbodyPaul - You some kind of freak or somethin'?
HardbodyPaul - We got it BaaaAAAD, B-man. Please forgive us!
Blaster - @HBP
* HardbodyPaul is eating some of those Halloween candy corn pumplins. Yummy!
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
-jabber - pumplins? ROFLWAFBB!
HardbodyPaul - Is that what I typed? Oh shit!
HardbodyPaul - know what I meant.
HardbodyPaul - Smartass!
HardbodyPaul - Hee Hee
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Blaster - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:16pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Blaster, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hey, it's Blasterman, we can start the party now
FistMan -
-jabber - Pump Lynn (McCrossin)?
FistMan - check out zena
Blaster - Whew!.....MrsB just came to look over my shoulder.Good thing I'm quick with the log off button.
Tex - Them wives can be real sneaky...
-jabber - Blaster, just tell yer wife everything, if she doesn't like it "get the funk out!"
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
HardbodyPaul - Didn't see no MUSCLE from that link, Fistman.
HardbodyPaul - Surely Mrs. B knows about us, B-man?
Blaster - I'm not ready to sacrifice half of my net worth yet,jabbs.
HardbodyPaul - Are ya worth alot, Blaster?
* -jabber wonders if Net Worth is a suburb of Ft. Worth?
Blaster - Yes,in fact she just asked me what "HBP" stands for....
HardbodyPaul - , Blaster. What'd ya tell her?
Blaster - I told her Hard Big Prick
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
HardbodyPaul - ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, baby!
Tex - @Blast...what's Tex stand for?
HardbodyPaul - Does she wanna meet me now, B-man?
Blaster - Hard pricks are the last thing MrsB wants anymore.....
HardbodyPaul -
HardbodyPaul - That's too funny!
-jabber - How 'bout soft ones, Blaster?
HardbodyPaul - I gotta pack some things for the weekend, guys.
FistMan - did you look at zena?
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
-jabber - Later, HBP - hope your rhomboid gets a "bit" better so you can enjoy the weekend, take care.
Tex - Pack me, Paul...
-jabber - Fistie, help steer us to this Zena...
Bboy - Later, HBP
-jabber - Texy, that's easier for "me" to do, being in DFW you dolt!
Blaster - Paul how long can it possibly take to put your toothbrush in your pocket?
HardbodyPaul - Wherever you guys choose to go clubbin' will be fine with me, Fistman. I'm so broke right now since starting school, I don't have much to spend anyhow. I'll be the exact of the frivalous spender that you saw in NYC in '98, Fistman.
FistMan -
Striker - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:23pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Striker, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Tex - I'm afraid to say "pack me" to you jabs without my iron Fruit of the Looms...
Blaster - Hey Striker
HardbodyPaul - I hope so too, Jabbs. I'm kinda worried about the poor soul who has to sit next to my squirming body on the flight out.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
Blaster - Sorry I haven't emailed you yet.I will though.
-jabber - HBP, we're gonna go to the NorthWest counter in Memphis to see about seating, no???
HardbodyPaul - Yeah, sure, Jabbs.
HardbodyPaul - See ya's in College Park.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, HardbodyPaul, come back soon.
HardbodyPaul - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:25pm)
Clepsydra - Keep on bubbling.
Striker - Hey Blaster I'm waiting dude.
Tex - Night HBP...
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Bboy - Ain't no femuscle in Memphis is there, jab?
Blaster - I've got a long cc list now too,Striker.I gotta get it done before I leave.
-jabber - Bboy, I'm sure there is, but we're both flying Northwest to DC - HBP from KC, me from DFW - meeting up in Memphis (a Northwest hub)...
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
Bboy - I was born in Memphis and my brother, the photographer, lives there now....
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Striker - Hey Blaster, I've gotta go. I'll be looking forward to your e mail though.
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Blaster - "long distance infomation,give me Memphis Tennesee""Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me"
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
Striker - Blaster what's a cc?
Blaster - You can count on it,Striker.......pretty soon.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Striker, come back soon.
Striker - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:29pm)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the First Watch 9:30pm
-jabber - Later, Striker...
Bboy - May go to Memphis in a couple of weeks to visit my sibling.....
* Bboy wants to go and mooch off his brother for a day or so....
-jabber - FistMan, if you're still there, I'd seen Zena from CamelotClub and thought she was more ribs than muscles...
LPDorman - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:32pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, LPDorman, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
-jabber -
Blaster - "she could not leave her number,but I know she called,my uncle took the messege and he wrote it on the wall"
LPDorman - hello, room
-jabber - See what you think??? Hey, LPD...
Bboy - LPDorman, Howdy
Satyr - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:34pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Satyr, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Blaster - "help me information,help me find my sweet Marie,she's the only one who'd call me up from Memphis Tennesee"
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from LPDorman
Satyr - Colour changed
Tex - Hey LPD...
LPDorman - nice pic, jabber
Bboy - Is there any femuscle at the Gold Club in New Orleans??
-jabber - Hey Pan-Fried Satyr...
Tex - Pan!
Blaster - "Her house is on the south side high upon a ridge,just a quater mile from the mississippi bridge"
Bboy - Hi, Satyr
Satyr - ellohey, atterschey
Tex - Blast, whatcha gonna tell Mrs. B LPD stands for?
-jabber - I didn't really care for it, LPD, myself...
Blaster - Large Prick Dangling.
Satyr - Tex, whahoppened to your biceps gallery?
Blaster - Hi,Pan,hi LPD
Bboy - Blaster sounds a lot like Johnny Rivers.....
LPDorman - did not show off much muscle, but in a group of pics, it could add a little sexy to the muscle
Satyr - Blaster, how've you been.
Tex - Diana took 'em down, Pan...but I'm sendin' "new" pics for galleries as we chat...
Blaster - Chuck Berry,Bboy.
LPDorman - Blaster, how did you know that I have a large prick?
-jabber - Bboy, I'd not been to a club in New Orleans but heard the ones in the French Quarter are pretty "out there"...
FistMan - club in new orleans...Gina...she sent me some pics of herself...quite pretty...blonde...lightweight
-jabber - That's obvious, LPD, 'cause you "act" like one.
Satyr - Tex, she should've left them. You were compiling a sort of fembiceps history
Tex - TEX=tiny excuse (for a dick)...
LPDorman - jabber, before you pick up any women in the French Quarter, do the Dundee Check first
Tex - Yeah, Satyr...but I understand...think she probably got threatened...
Blaster - I've heard Johnny Rivers sing that song.No where near as good as Chuck.
-jabber - jabber=just a big bad ember recruit...
Bboy - Well, I have been by The Gold Club but not been in; Been to Maiden Voyage which is pretty good and right on Bourbon Street. Haven't been in Ricks Cabaret but for a short time.....
LPDorman - jabber, you are in the same canoe as my ex wife: you both think I am a big prick
* Satyr 's meat & taters seem to be constantly cold.:(
-jabber - Satyr, give FistMan your finest meats and cheeses...
Bboy - The Johnny Rivers version is what I hear on the Oldies station all the time.....
Blaster - Chuck wrote the song.
Satyr - Ha! Tex, some of those pix were so old, they might as well been public domain.
Bboy - Kinda like Bob Dylan wrote just about every song on the Byrds first album......
Satyr - Oh, and Fisty, veeery nice work on those two lists.
Blaster - Yep.
-jabber - me sings "Winchester Cathedral" by The Byrds...
Tex - Yeah, but Dylan couldn't make 'em sound like Crosby, et al...
-jabber - Oops, was that The Byrds?
Satyr - I came across some of the info at a certain Yahoo club.
Blaster - "last time that I saw her she was waving me goodbye,curvy teardrops on her cheek that trickled from her eye"
Clepsydra - Life is very short, and there's no time, 9:42pm
Bboy - I always liked the long version of Tamborine Man by Dylan......
FistMan - wow...long phone call
* -jabber sings "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat, And Tears...
Blaster - "where have you been my blue eyed son,where have you been my darling young one"
Tex - I still prefer the Byrds' Tamborine Man...Dylan's gift was lyrics...
Satyr - I hear that Gayle Moher's back on the session circuit, jabs.
Blaster - Thats one of my Dylan favorites.Brian Ferry does a great version of it.
Bboy - Aaahhhh Yes! ole David Clayton Thomas.....good, jab
Tex - You a Roxy Music fan, Blast?
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from LPDorman
Bboy - Avalon.....Roxy Music!!
-jabber - I could care less, Satyr...
Blaster - Yeah,Tex.Roxy music rocks.
* -jabber sings "Toyota Avalon" by Brian Ferry...
Satyr - because...?
Clepsydra - Satyr, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Clepsydra - LPDorman, you have a new Private message from FistMan
-jabber - Well, Fistie, anything productive?
Bboy - Brian Ferry does a lot of other peoples music and yet does it justice....which is good
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from FistMan
Blaster - I got "The Bride Stripped Bare","Manifesto" lps still in vinyl.
FistMan - a girl called me...i wasn't on the phone with clubs
Tex - I love Roxy Music...but really prefer their early stuff with Brian fave if "Grey Lagoons" off the For Your Pleasure album...
FistMan - i've turned up nothing so far
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Satyr
Tex - if=is...
Satyr - Blaster, Is that a reference to Marcel Duchamp?
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
* Bboy would love to come across some old Roxy Music on CD
Satyr - it has to be
Blaster - You know Brian Eno? I'm impressed Tex.You ever hear his 801 LIVE album with Phil Manzanera on guitar?
Tex - Sure have, Blast...big fan...heard Manzanera's Diamondhead solo album...awesome...
* Satyr mechanically hums "Fractal Zoom" by Eno.
Tex - I'm also a big fan of Eno's collaborations with Robert Fripp and Eno's solo stuff...heard Hear Come the Warm Jets?
Bboy - Tex must also like King Crimson???
TomNine - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:50pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in a headlock, picks him up and turns him upside down
Blaster - "smokey broads in smokey windows in the square"
Tex - Eno also produced what think just might be Bowie's best album...Manzanera produced Split Enz first effort...awesome...
Satyr - I have, Tex. In fact, I think I might have it somewhere..
-jabber - Hey T9
TomNine - Guys, yo.
Bboy - TomNine, Hello
Satyr - Hi, Tom
Blaster - King Crimson,yeah!
Blaster - Hi,Tom
* Tex hums 21st Century Schizoid Man...then kisses his shrine statue of Greg Lake...:)
Clepsydra - Satyr, you have a new Private message from -jabber
* Bboy has a copy of the first Split Enz
* -jabber sings "Crimson and Clover" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts...
FistMan -
* -jabber sings "I Got You" by The Split Enz...
Tex - Bboy, the album art on Split's first is terrific!
Blaster - "cats foot iron claw,neuro sergeons scream for more,at paranoia's poison door.....21st century schizoid man"
FistMan - hey tom...trying to find muscular strippers...any leads?
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Satyr
Tex - Very good, Blast!
* Tex rips out a Fripp riff on his Telecaster...
Satyr - "Starless and Bible Black"...Greg Lake should've stayed with KCrimson. That's a classic.
Tex - I was lucky enough to see Fripp in a Dallas record store demonstrating his tape loops and guitar playing for about 10 folks...he was incredible...
TomNine - I've read the muscle safari e-mails I've been sent and just now got through to the Good Guys link. jabber, I can't answer you question about lap-dance etiquette, I've never had one around here.
Clepsydra - Satyr, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Blaster - I saw then in concert once.Couldn't believe just 3 guys could make so much noise.
Tex - I agree Satyr...never like ELP very much...other than Lake's hits..."From the Beginning"...
FistMan - she looks like she has potential (melanie), but i just called and she wont be there saturday
Bboy - summon back the Fire Witch to the Court of the Crimson King.....AAaaahhhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhhhh
FistMan -
Tex - Gotta go, got back...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Tex, come back soon.
Tex - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:54pm)
Clepsydra - Off to check out a few more biceps?
Satyr - Jabber, she lives in Columbus. It's definately a consideration.
FistMan - this page has reviews...luckily, there is maryland, virginia and'd think the quality would be good in at least one of those zones
Blaster - Bye,Tex
Bboy - Later, Tex
Satyr - Bye, Tex
-jabber - Gahanna to be exact, Satyr...
Bboy - Maybe I can check out Maiden Voyage and the Gold Club in New Orleans in a couple of weeks......
-jabber - T9, very tame dances really aren't "worth it" to me, but thanks for trying...
Satyr - Fistman, those lists are (or will be) some of the greatest schmoe resourses on the net. Who ever said anything was good about the "good old days".
Blaster - I gotta go too.Later guys.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Blaster, come back soon.
Blaster - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 9:57pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, Blastermouse
Bboy - Bye Blaster
LPDorman - later, Blaster
Satyr - resources
Satyr - bye, Blaster
FistMan - here's reviews on the good guys clubs
-jabber - Later, Tex and Blaster...
FistMan -
FistMan - well thanks, satyr...glad you like em...they'd be a lot better if more than 10 people total contributed
FistMan - it should be noted that reviews are usually mixed
FistMan - i'm surprised you haven't been to any clubs in search of wrestlers or anything, tom
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the First Watch 10:00pm
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Satyr
FistMan - its a cheap way to talent scout
Satyr - 10 people is a good start, Fist. Give it a year.
FistMan - its been about a year actually...not many people send in contributions
FistMan - tom, what about that club in baltimore you and tre were talking about a few months ago?
Clepsydra - Satyr, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:02pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Effigy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Effigy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:02pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Effigy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
Effigy - evening everyone.....
Bboy - Hi, Effigy
* -jabber rushes over to his good buddy Effigy and causes him to log on twice.
Satyr - That fella on the Yahoo Fbb escort club sure is matter-of-fact about the full service thing. I think he's some sorta Don Juan.
FistMan - i think generally the classier places have girls that work out...places like crazy horses and gold clubs, so I'll try and write those down
Satyr - Hi, Fig
* Effigy was caught in the chat room revolving door.....
FistMan - that guy is an idiot...if you order an escort and she doesn't fuck you, then you've been had
TwoPossums - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:04pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TwoPossums, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - At least two Possums have arrived.
TwoPossums - Hey all
Satyr - sorry, Eff..had a hoof caught in the turnstile.
Bboy - Hey, hey, Two Possums
Clepsydra - Bboy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - and a bodyrub is probably just a handjob...these are keywords
Satyr - Hi, 2p
Effigy - Fist......if she didn't f*uck you.....uh..then you were f*uck?
Effigy - hiya 2P.....
-jabber - Who are you talking about, Fistie?
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Bboy
FistMan - escorts are prostitutes'
Satyr - It sounds to me as if he's gotten lucky with a few sessions.
-jabber - Hey TwoP - just recorded Smackdown - was it any good?
TwoPossums - Man what is it with the evening chat lately.
FistMan - session wrestlers are usually not escorts, but sometimes escorts will also wrestle or vice versa
TomNine - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:06pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in a headlock, picks him up and turns him upside down
TomNine - Hello again.
TwoPossums - Had a Lita vs Jackie match that was OK. Nothing special. They did a behind the scenes thing with Chyna and Playboy which was nice and then Chyna kicked Steven Richards arse.
Satyr - Very kewl, jabber. Thnx
TwoPossums - Hey Tom
Effigy - hiya T9.......jabbs so you were responible for trapping effigy in the revolving door....
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - the guy on that yahoo club is like if you are really nice to an escort and treat her right, then magic might happen and you might get laid...he's been ordering from the wrong escort service
FistMan - guess you didn't see my questions, tom
Satyr - he's failed to clarify the difference then, Fist.
-jabber - Steven Richards? Is he from Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones?
Clepsydra - TomNine, you have a new Private message from TomNine
-jabber - T9 has lost his mind once again!
FistMan - yeah...he blurs the line
Effigy - :0 @ T( for PMing himself....
TwoPossums - Uh oh T9 is talking to himself again. Somebody grab his bottle
FistMan - tom, what about that club in baltimore you and tre were talking about a few months ago?
FistMan - hey 2P
-jabber - FistMan, Tre' doesn't "dig" clubs, why do you care about what Tre' says???
TomNine - Fist, that place is interesting, but kinda a dump. Expensive covers to, you have to pay for a membership, it'll cost like $25 just to get in the door.
Satyr - Fist, this is funny. So he's spouting off about escorts only? Well, he's under the illusion that a guy has to BB to get some from a harlot.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Satyr - Note: Harlots are fine by me. I want it legalized.
Satyr - illegalized prositution is a biblical anachronism. Nothing more.
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - Pan........GOD's laws are eternal.
Satyr - arf
-jabber - Pan, it's a "moral" judgment. Some folks haven't a prob with wrestling a stripper, escort, FBB, even getting
-jabber - intimate with one - but coitus? There's a difference..
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Satyr - Moral judgement? Where do you think these morals were instituted?
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - LPD...stop looking in the mirror.
-jabber - Morals aren't "instituted" but instilled, Pan. Different folks have different morals - not saying you're right, and I'm wrong, or vice versa...
* -jabber says WWF/WCW just to get TwoPossums back in the convo..
-jabber - Pan, Tre' seems to think I'm an immoral SOB, it would be funny if you think I'm more "uptight" about stuff than you are.
Satyr - some are common sense...survival friendly, but an archaic opposition to prostitution is simply culturaly obsolete.
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
TomNine - The country was founded by puritans and we are still paying for it. The majority of Americans don't support all these moral laws, but it would be political suicide for a leader to say so.
TwoPossums - zzzzzz....headlock.......snort........
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
FistMan - there's a gold club in wash dc
Satyr - that's half true, Tom. The breadth of suburbanite thinking is prudish, and contradictory.
-jabber - TwoPossums, why does WCW want to make Canada our enemy? They're our friends...
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
TwoPossums - Sorry was responding to a question on MY BOARD!! Ha ha. That really honks Steve666 off and I can't help it but I just love that.
TwoPossums - That's the best their writing staff can do. Cheap way to put over a heel. Whatever.
Satyr - jabber, I know you're satan's minion. No illusions here.
-jabber - TwoP, Chyna really sounds Godawful! I turn the volume down when she speaks - and she no longer flexes - she's a shadow of her former self...
-jabber - Shave off Jim Duggan's beard and he becomes Nick Nolte - biggest ha!
Effigy - @ Pan's assessment of Jabbs.....
* TwoPossums counts down jabber and tre's days left of life.
Satyr - jabber, those are the words of a spoiled schmoe. Enjoy the fbb exposure! It's positive.
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Effigy - FVF Smackdown.........Jabbs vs. Tre'......
TwoPossums - Thank yew Pan. I was beggining to think I was alone in this on this site
BLU - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:21pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, BLU, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's Mr Snappy, hiya Snappy
-jabber - Satyr, my TV gets plenty of FBB exposure - well my VCR does...
-jabber - Hey Blu...
Effigy - Hiya Mr. Snappy.......
Satyr - Hi, Blu
TwoPossums - Hey Blu.
BLU - evening all
TomNine - BLU, hey.
Satyr - I think Chyna's pics are gorgeous. The latent schmoe conversion is about to be in full effect.
Bboy - Howdy, BLU
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from BLU
Effigy - did you get the a.ka. Mr. Snappy?
-jabber - Satyr, I thought those pics sucked BIG TIME!
BLU - hi Tom how have you been?
Satyr - jabber, you like hair metal. 'nough said
BLU - always had that
Clepsydra - BLU, you have a new Private message from -jabber
TwoPossums - Fist. I laughed out loud at work when I read your post on D's board. The Final Solution was a classic
* TwoPossums sings Pour some Sugar on me
BLU - Jabber do they show her with her legs spread wide open.
* -jabber sings "Rock It" by Def Leppard...
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
-jabber - Don't know nor care, Blu - unless she's in my room with her legs open (then that's a different story )...
TwoPossums - Nobody's foooooool nobody's foooooool. I'm no fooooooollllll
FistMan - thanks, 2P
TwoPossums - Wait a minute. Do you like Chyna or not?
Satyr - jabber, you said that you hate trendy things. That crap was a trend, and now(fortunately) it's a dead one. It was never, ever good.
TwoPossums - The pics I saw online didn't have that Blu. I haven't seen the full spread yet
Effigy - maybe nobody's fool.........but are you somebody's fool?
Satyr - 2p, what's not to like???
* TwoPossums argues semantics with Effigy
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
-jabber - What's trendy?
TwoPossums - I really don't know Pan. Well her boobs are too big but I could learn to love 'em
Satyr - jock strapper rock, jabs. Stay-puff metal.
-jabber - Satyr, I'm so un-trendy I don't even follow trends...
* TwoPossums paints himself Black and Yellow and sings Stryper songs
-jabber - Okay, I'm off for a while "TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL" by Stryper!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -jabber, come back soon.
-jabber - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:29pm)
Clepsydra - Beware the frumious Bandersnatch
Satyr - gadzooks, 2p
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the First Watch 10:30pm
Satyr - bye, jabber
TwoPossums - Ha ha. Later Jab
Return of Tex - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:30pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Return of Tex, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Official Chatroom Wacko.
Satyr - Tom, you traveling alone for the FVF?
Return of Tex - Dramatic, eh?
Effigy - wb Tex.......
Satyr - shalom, Rev.
Return of Tex - Don Nueve ALWAYS works alone...
Bboy - Tex!!
Don Texicano - Nickname change, Return of Tex is now known as Don Texicano
TwoPossums - Hey Tex
TomNine - Traveling alone? I live like 10 miles from the venue.
-DumbTexicano - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:32pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -DumbTexicano, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Official Chatroom Wacko.
Effigy - later Jabbs........wb jabbs.......
-DumbTexicano - Jest a playful jab at my DFW compadre.
TomNine - Sub is staying at my place, I'll be meeting him tomorrow afternoon.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -DumbTexicano, come back soon.
-DumbTexicano - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:32pm)
Clepsydra - Off to check out a few more biceps?
Clepsydra - Satyr, you have a new Private message from Don Texicano
Satyr - I didn't know exactly where you lived, of course.
* Don Texicano ducks his compadre's jab...
Clepsydra - -DumbTexicano, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Clepsydra - Don Texicano, you have a new Private message from Satyr
Don Texicano - @Satyr's PM...
* Satyr shakes his head at jabber chat ubiquity.
Don Texicano - Effigy, you in Austin?
TomNine - I'm gonna wander, good night for now.
Effigy - Effigy is in Austin, TX.......
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -ubiquity, come back soon.
-ubiquity - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:35pm)
Effigy - later T9.........
Don Texicano - 'Cos I'm gonna be thar in about three weeks...parents day at UT...
TomNine - I'll chat with you guys later, bye.
Satyr - bye, Tom
Don Texicano - Bye Tom...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:35pm)
Clepsydra - Off to push the prices up some more
Effigy - Yo Ubiq.......did ya get my last PM?
TwoPossums - Later Tom
Satyr - Tex, are you attending this fesival?
Don Texicano - No, I'm not, Satyr...
Effigy - DT.......dats right your daughter enrooled at UT this semester?
Effigy - enrooled -enrolled.....
Satyr - jabber, you're a filthy bastard.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -YesThanksEff, come back soon.
-YesThanksEff - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:37pm)
Don Texicano - She's in the Plan 2 program, effigy...
-YesThanksEff - Enroola Blanchette?
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -YesThanksEff, come back soon.
-YesThanksEff - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:37pm)
Effigy - Cool......what her major?
Don Texicano - Just stay here jabs...
-YesThanksEff - And is she available?
Effigy - just leave jabbs.........
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -YesThanksEff, come back soon.
-YesThanksEff - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:37pm)
Satyr - jabber's not drowning, he's just waving.
Justleavejabbs - Nickname change, Effigy is now known as Justleavejabbs
Don Texicano - Effigy, I was thankin' maybe an Austin muscle safari's in order...
LPDorman - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:38pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, LPDorman, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Satyr - Hi, LPD
Justleavejabbs - wb LPD........did you bring those extra mirrors?
Satyr - Tex, Athena fully out of the picture now?
Don Texicano - Yo LPD...
Justleavejabbs - DT.......Austin is over run by hotties....
Don Texicano - Yes, Satyr...still friends, but not on the "lovetrack" no more...
Don Texicano - I must confess great lust when I took my daughter to
Satyr - so, have you hypnotized any lovelies of late?
FistMan - hey yo
Effigy - Nickname change, Justleavejabbs is now known as Effigy
Don Texicano - Celibate to the core...
Don Texicano - Yo Fisty...
Satyr - I'm assuming you speak of higher edu, Tex.
Effigy - DT.......every year 10,000 co-eds move to Austin.......woo-hoo......
Effigy - wb fist.........
TwoPossums - I saw the most beautiful (non muscular) woman I have ever seen in my life while in Austin
FistMan - i don't know which of these cities in virginia are in northern virginia
Satyr - Tp, what's my wife doing down in Austin?
Effigy - 2P.........meets Mrs. 2P in Austin?
Don Texicano - I must say Texas has just about the best lookin' women in the US...
* Don Texicano loves Northern Virginia...
FistMan - texas, ? hmm...maybe i should take a trip
Effigy - Agreed TEX......and we have bunches of them....
TwoPossums - Mrs. P has muscles thank ya very much
FistMan - when do I get to see a pic of mrs possums?
Satyr - 2p, I read Tre's pouring-out about your wife. When does the rest of the free world get to see her?
Effigy - 2P.......effigy's hottie has muscles also...
Don Texicano - Yeah, I'm ready for a pic of Mrs. P...hype? or not?
TwoPossums - This weekend. She'll be at the FVF.
FistMan - you'll bring pictures?
* Satyr likes Tracy Dragila's loin region.
FistMan - the olympics suck
Don Texicano - The femuscle at the Olympics does NOT be sucked?
Satyr - you must be an NFL fan, Fist. That statement is unconscionable. Works for Romey, but I don't think he's serious.
Effigy - Agreed Fist......I ahve watched very very little of the Olympic coverage.....
Effigy - ahve = have
* Don Texicano notes 2Ps silence...
Satyr - NBC sucks, however.
2Possums - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:49pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, 2Possums, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - At least two Possums have arrived.
Satyr - okay, tell me why the olympics suck.
2Possums - Sorry computer shut down.
Effigy - wb 2P.......
FistMan - I know what happens...its not exciting at all...and they keep doing these long features on crappy people...the boxing coverage is very good though
Don Texicano - wb2ps
2Possums - Tre' did hype her up a bit. She's not a muscle goddess just yet. But she is very beautiful and way cool
FistMan - I like college basketball and football more than pro sports...especially college basketball
* Don Texicano is just happy seein' lots of athletic femuscle...
Satyr - the coverage is an embarrassment, Fist. Sheila told me that Canada has nothing of the sort. They actually show the events.
2Possums - NBC did a very special feature. This poor athlete was really having a time. Suffered from Hemmoroids. very sad
Don Texicano - As you know, Fist, I'm a college b=ball fan that zone...
FistMan - send me a pic of her, i see her this weekend, it will be too late
Effigy - Fist......likewise I follow college football much more than the pros......
Satyr - Tex, are the pole vaulters cute or what?
2Possums - Too late for what (he asked not sure he wanted to know)
Don Texicano - Yes suh, the divers too...but I think the sprinters are my faves...
FistMan - they frame the coverage because they know what happens...they only show what is relevant to the medals and you know that cause it wouldn't be on otherwise
Satyr - vollyballers, beach vollyballers, swimmers, divers, runners....
Satyr - did Gayle Devers get her gold?
FistMan - if i see her this weekend, then a pic would be useless...cause i'll already know what she looks like
Clepsydra - Don Texicano, you have a new Private message from Effigy
FistMan - devers fell
2Possums - Well yer gonna have ta wait. I don't have a pic of her scanned.
Satyr - Fist, back in the 70s they showed everything. TV is run by cowards.
Satyr - again!
* Don Texicano offers to console Ms. Devers and cops a feel of her biceps...
Satyr - again!
FistMan - that's ok...i'll meet you guys this weekend
FistMan - have one of yourself, 2P?
* Effigy notices there are not 2 possums in the chat room but 4 possums.....
2Possums - She'll be at the kiddie table with us. HA
2Possums - oop sorry.
TwoPossums - Nickname change, 2Possums is now known as TwoPossums
FistMan - hope she's not too short cause I don't generally like to eat with short people
Don Texicano - I have pics of Athena, but can't use 'em...
* FistMan thinks 2P must have robbed the cradle
TwoPossums - She's 5'9" and will probably be wearing heels
Satyr - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 10:56pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Satyr, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
TwoPossums - Why do you think that?
Satyr - Colour changed
Effigy - wb pan.......
FistMan - i just don't like eating with people if they are too short
Satyr - Fist, how long have you given up eating short people?
FistMan - cause you need to sit at the kiddie table
TwoPossums - No we're sitting at the kiddie table cause we're all so juvinale. Ah forget it.
FistMan - who's juvenile? moi???
TwoPossums - She's actually older than me. Few months
Don Texicano - that Spanish?...
* FistMan is dating an older woman
Satyr - juvinale is like near-beer, Tex. Get with the program.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the First Watch 11:00pm
boomer - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:00pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, boomer, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hello, it's the Big Bicep lover
Don Texicano - @Satyr...
boomer - hello all
Effigy - hiya boom.........
Satyr - Hi, boomer
Don Texicano - BOOMSKI!!!
TwoPossums - Hey Boom
* Satyr likes really "long pig" when the urge hits.
FistMan - boom boom baby
boomer - anything interesting tonite, or just more of the same
Clepsydra - boomer, you have a new Private message from FistMan
boomer - i'm pissed, my name hasnt been seen on national tv in over a day now
FistMan - yes...apparently, 2P and his wife are both underaged
Effigy -
Don Texicano - Your a star,boom...autographs?
boomer - fister, your pm does not please me
Satyr - boomer, what nation are you talking about?
boomer - i only e-mail autographs
Don Texicano - I'm ready to see that movie, E...just sent Diana a song entitled "...Girls Fight"...
boomer - the today show pan, watched by millions
Effigy - Opens tommorrow nite..........
Satyr - Valentina Chepiga's vid will be mine very soon.
Clepsydra - boomer, you have a new Private message from FistMan
FistMan - that pic of soc in australia on your site is unbelievable...what a guy
Clepsydra - FistMan, you have a new Private message from boomer
boomer - soc is the man
Don Texicano - Soc IS the pay him, boom?
boomer - no tex, just pressured him immensely
Don Texicano - Well, I'm goin' to see Almost Famous first...the Reverend will not be pleased...
FistMan - that was good pub
boomer - soc should be getting on a plane pretty soon, the flight from oz takes some time i'm sure
Clepsydra - Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time. 11:06pm
Willy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:07pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Willy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Willy - Hey everyone!
boomer - hey willy
Effigy - hiya willy.........
* Don Texicano is hopin' to meet Soc soon...
TwoPossums - Hey Willy
FistMan - boomer, did you get my emails? i didn't get a gonna bring the light for me?
Clepsydra - Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb, eh? A: Nobody knows. But Uncle Tom Cobley and all knows dat birds and minorities will suffer more than Uncle Tom Cobley and all else because it's dark.
Don Texicano - Wilhelm!!!
LPDorman - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:08pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, LPDorman, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
boomer - hes heading to texas after he leaves ny i think
Effigy - wb LPD.........
* Willy got his hands dirty today
TwoPossums - Hey LPD
boomer - of course fister, i didnt know a reply was requested
Don Texicano - Indeed, Starboom...
Willy - Hey LPD,
boomer - hey len
LPDorman - sorry about going away a couple of times really server seems to have a problem with this chat room
Effigy - Vette plonked?
Don Texicano - Ask your dates to shower first, Willy...
Willy - airplane this time
boomer - keep soc away from your womanfolk tex, hes a sneaky dog
Willy - Good one Tex
FistMan - tre should have scheduled this thing for vegas
LPDorman - oh........and good eveing to everyone
Willy - had to change an exhaust stack
Don Texicano - What women folk, Starboom?...Besides, aren't all schmoos after every other schmoo's woman?
boomer - i think when tre started this he really expected it to be just a few gals and maybe 20 guys
Satyr - soc put a pic of himself on your site, boom?
Willy - to chase other schoos women is natural
boomer - just a friendly warning tex, he seems nice, but hes a dog
Don Texicano - Tre's done an admirable job...and you know that ain't easy for me to say...
Effigy - Tex.....uh.....if a schmoo has a he a schmoo anymore?
Don Texicano - Have you first hand experience with the aspect of Soc, Starboom?
boomer - you really should check out my page once in awhile pan
Willy - Effigy, once a schmoo always a schmoo
LPDorman - boomer, arn't all men dogs? most of my dates seem to think so
Satyr - Hi, Willy
Don Texicano - What Effigy?...are you speaking Oklahoman?...
boomer - i'm no dog, more like a gelding
Willy - north of the border men are pigs not dogs
Don Texicano - True, turnin' back...
Willy - Howdy, Pan
boomer - all men are pigs, but some are dogs too
Satyr - link your site please, boomer, and I surely will.
Willy - the last three nights of drinkin have me kinda zonked....
TwoPossums - Got 8 rolls of film today. Hope that is enough.
boomer - this insults me pan, you dont have my page bookmarked?
Effigy - Tex.....uh do you check your PMs?
* Willy sings "I"m a pig, I'm a pig, I'm a pig"
Satyr - 2p, it won't be.
FistMan - er
Don Texicano - Sorry, E...
Effigy - have a page?
Willy -
Satyr - sorry, boomer. I only have Diana marked.
Willy -
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from Don Texicano
FistMan - i still say there is a 50% chance that he doesn't even have a room for this thing
Satyr - I was on your site earlier this month, I believe.
LPDorman - downn rounnd thes' hear parts, in good, ol'e Georgia, if you ere a male, you ere a slut puppy until you git growwed up an become a hoe dawg
TwoPossums - Well I'll see how tom's diner goes before I buy more. I don't take pictures with reckless abandon like some people
Don Texicano - FLEX MARION!
Willy - TP, no smoke coming out of the camera from overheating it
Clepsydra - Don Texicano, you have a new Private message from Effigy
boomer -
Willy - 8 rolls is a LOT of muscle
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from Don Texicano
Satyr - that's soc with the sign?
boomer - yes
Willy - Keep up the good work boomer,
Clepsydra - Don Texicano, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Don Texicano - Any new updates boom? I'd check, but I can't post messages in here when I'm loadin' yer page...
Satyr - it's hilarious.
TwoPossums - Lets see thats 192 pics. Wow. I think I might be alright. But I wanna use a whole roll on Sheila and Tatianna each. Got an animation project in mind.
boomer - nothing in the last couple of days tex
Willy - Soc is da man
Clepsydra - Don Texicano, you have a new Private message from Effigy
Don Texicano -
Willy - TP, I'd love to see the look on the face of the person at the photoplace when you get those developed
TwoPossums - Yeah. I see Soc. Hiding behind the sign. Ha punk. No I shouldn't say that. Willy your are right. He is def' da man.
boomer - i have shots where you see him better, but i was more interested in the sign, i'm selfish that way
Don Texicano - I've gotten some looks from kids when I picked up femuscle pics...
TwoPossums - The women that developed the two rolls I took at this show I went to the other week asked me if I liked FBB's and then told me that her male cousin works out.
Satyr - so, did soc's sign seem to work?
FistMan - i'm off...see you guys soon
boomer - she didnt flex, so i guess it didnt
Clepsydra - Cheerio, FistMan, come back soon.
FistMan - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:20pm)
Clepsydra - His fists follow him onward.
* LPDorman has no problem with boomer wanting the sign on his sight........just hope Katie read it
Willy - bye Fist,
TwoPossums - Later Soc
Don Texicano - Vapor fuel upload...brb...
Satyr - Tex, I let my kids see decent pics...meaning I don't hide them. That way it'll seem normal to them when they get older.
boomer - i'm thinking soc and me might head into the city one day next week with the same sign, just might catch the producers eye
Willy - If the weather ends up really being crappy tomorow maybe I'll fly out east
Effigy - later fistie.......
Satyr - bye, Fist
LPDorman - weather is great in GA
Willy - Boomer, you should wear a shirt that says "BOOMER" in big letters
TwoPossums - What? did I just type that. Duuuh. Bye Fist
LPDorman - good , Willy
LPDorman - good , Willy
Willy - I'm supposed to fly up into the interior of BC tomorow morning for a TV show, but the weather really sucks right now
boomer - no, we go with a sign saying katie flex for boomer, if they remember it or ask about it, we play up soc coming from sydney to ny, they just might go for it
Satyr - Tex, I let my kids see *decent* fbb pics...meaning I don't hide them. That way, they'll get used to it as they get older. Everyone should do this.
Satyr - make it acceptable
* Willy can't fathom people in the chatroom having kids....
Willy -
Don Texicano - Hmm...Satyr, not so sure about that...
TwoPossums - Doubt they go for it Boom. Bunch of anti-shmoes working there.
Satyr - why not? they see emaciated, bikini clad supermodels all over the place.
boomer - i dont know, they showed soc and the sign twice the other day
TwoPossums - What is up with Andy and these new ads of his. I don't know anybody i want to send an Angel card too
Satyr - billboards, TV, magazines...
TwoPossums - Hey I'm not saying don't do it. Go for it my man. If I could I'd go with ya just to try.
Don Texicano - I suppose it depends on the context and age of the kids...I agree they see much more revealing stuff...the issue is their assumptions regarding sexuality...
boomer - depends if i can wake up early enough
Don Texicano - I'm wonderin' if Today show folks would like to give Katie a hard time and would use the boomer ploy to do so...
Clepsydra - There's a time to live but isn't it strange that as soon as you are born you're dying. 11:26pm
Satyr - the context has nothing to do with sexuality. It's about what they accept whilst growing up.
TwoPossums - What sort of assumptions TEx
Willy - atheletic females in much more normal with kids now than even my generation (I'm 26). Kids do all P.E. co-ed now, girls in pretty much all the sports
Don Texicano - I can easily see my nine year old saying, why do you have that pic of a lady flexing her biceps?
Satyr - I have 2 girls, 3 & 8. Sexuality hasn't occurred to either, of course.
TwoPossums - Yeah but the girls still don't have to do what the guys do. I remember the girls had to do like half the pullups that we had to do.
* Don Texicano says, "She's a friend of mine"...:)
Satyr - perhaps you should just tell her that you admire the sport, which is true.
TwoPossums - I see nothing wrong with that question Tex. Better than why do you have that pic of that woman that has fake boobs
Willy - TP, it's getting alot more evenly matched, and acceptable for the girls to be right in there competing with the boys
-jabber - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:28pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble.
TwoPossums - Tell her that you appreciate women of strength. That she can grow up and do anything she wants.
-jabber - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:28pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble.
Don Texicano - My 9 y/o knows the birds and bees already...3 y/o know...but then again, at 3 probably has very little lasting impact at all...but that's just my opinion...I don't know of any research that specifies the right thang to do..
Willy - Hey Jabber,
TwoPossums - Hey Jab
Satyr - it should be noted that I'm completely "out of the closet". I don't care if anyone knows that I like fbbs.
-jabber - Sexuality hasn't occured with me either, Satyr. :-lo
Don Texicano - My 9 y/o is, I can relate the equality of women in many other ways than sharin' pics of FBBs...but that just me...
Satyr - wb, jabber
TwoPossums - Oh Willy. I was never so mad when they let girls into VMI. I had no problem with them being there but the girls weren't expected to do what the guys did. Not fair. If they want in they gotta do the work
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the First Watch 11:30pm
dave - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:30pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, dave, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Don Texicano - I suppose I'm still mostly closeted...
* Satyr produces a nut and a bolt to illustrate for jabber:D
Willy - yup, but gotta start somewhere
Willy - Hey Dave,
Satyr - Hi, Dave
Willy - Pan, I hope it's not a rusty bolt Might also have to explain about Tetanus shots
Don Texicano - Yo Dave...
TwoPossums - Hey Dave
Satyr - 2p's right, do dads have to constantly explain their Snap-On posters to the kids?
-jabber - Hello dave...
TwoPossums - L O L@Snap-On posters
* Willy doesn't understand how he can be this tired at 8:30pm.....
Satyr - jabber, how'd the kidnapping, I mean babysitting, go?
* -jabber thinks those Snap-On models are ASE certified mechanics...
-jabber - It went okay, Satyr - glad they're not mine though...
Willy - Jabber had to babysit?
Effigy - wb jabbs....hiya dave......
TwoPossums - Alright gang I'm gonna sign off for awhile. Might be back later.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TwoPossums, come back soon.
TwoPossums - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:35pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, 2P
Willy - bye TP,
Satyr - might have something to do with 3 day's alchohol imbibement, Willy. Just a guess.
Effigy - later 2P........
Satyr - bye, 2p
-jabber - Yes, Willy, had a "family" here this past weekend - what was I thinkin???
Don Texicano - bye 2P
Willy - probably Pan, unfortunately the next tomorow and saturday are probably not going to help...
Willy - Jabs, you won't do that again for a while
* Don Texicano hears jabber wedding bells...
Satyr - I don't like to babysit other folk's kids either, unless they're my nephews.
Don Texicano - mrs. carmen -jabber?
* Willy has no problem at all paying for a babysitter
Don Texicano - I pretty much always have a house full of kids...when my son's here, that is...
Effigy - jabber domestic.......
-jabber - Her, her two nephews and her mother - cute kids actually...
Satyr - I went and talked with a Dr. about a vasectomy two days ago....
-jabber - For you or for him, Satyr? ROFLWAFBB!
Satyr - wife asks me "are you sure you want to do this?"...
Willy - if it floats, flies or fornicates it's cheaper to rent
Satyr - ...I told her that, far back as I can remember, I've always wanted a vasectomy.
* Don Texicano is glad he got a vasectomy...the big Xanax they gave me was terrific...was jokin' with the MD while he was cuttin' on me
Willy - really?
Willy - Damn!
Satyr - I'll bet I would've gotten one when I was 12, given the choice.
-jabber - Circumcision and vasectomy at baptism.
Satyr - Tex, they won't give me Xanax!
Willy - Xanax must be good stuff
Don Texicano - What, Satyr?
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Satyr - c-u-tt-i-ng-on-my-b-a-l-ls! Yowza!
Don Texicano - After the operation, I was buzzin' so much I had the ex stop at Blockbuster to get a video...after it wears off there's some pain...but Vicodin took care of dat to...a three day party actually...
Willy - I can't see any drug being good enough to let me start cutting down there with me still awake
Satyr - Tex, that's a helluva way to put it.
Willy - Damn, Tex
-jabber - Tex, you want to know real pain? Watching WPW95 after the vasectomy!
Satyr - nah, he told me I'd get T4...but if it didn't work, something stronger.
Don Texicano - That would not be a good , jabs...
Willy - I'm pretty sure I'd want to be knocked out cold if i was to do that
Clepsydra - -jabber, you have a new Private message from Effigy
* -jabber nods knowingly at his fellow DFW-ite...
Clepsydra - Effigy, you have a new Private message from -jabber
Don Texicano - Can't feel anything but a little tug, Willy...
* -jabber sings "Tugboat Annie"...
Satyr - Tex, was this back in the 80s?
* Willy is usually good at mind over matter, but I don't think it would work in that case
Satyr - oh, wait, you have a 9 yr old...
* -jabber sings "Peas Porridge 9 Years Old"...
Willy - geez, it's really raining out
* -jabber sings "It's Raining FBB's" by The Weather Girls...
Satyr - oh, wait, you have a 9 yr old...
* -jabber sings "Lost In The 80's" by Ronnie Milsap...
Satyr - lousy connection tonight
* -jabber sings "Connection Unknown" by Missing Persons...
Willy - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:48pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Willy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Satyr - Jabber has a terrible song for every occasion...Ronnie Milsap !
Satyr - that's destination unknown ferchrissakes.
Hiram D. Damn Walker - logged on. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:49pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Hiram D. Damn Walker, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
-jabber - And it's "Lost In The 60's", Satyr, your point?
Satyr - Tex, I've got to talk this Doc into something stronger.
-jabber - Speaking of point, hey Hiram...
Satyr - Hi, Hiram
Hiram D. Damn Walker - Hey Hey Hey
* -jabber sings "Hey Hey We're The Monkees"...
Satyr - have to admit, I'm unschooled in the Milsap de arts
* Willy is talking on the phone
Hiram D. Damn Walker - So has gaily already departed for Alexandria, VA?
-jabber - PM to Satyr: Ronnie Milsap rules...
Don Texicano - Dilaudid...ask for that, Satyr...
-jabber - Yes, Hiram, yesterday..
Satyr - Hiram, gaily's heavily into preparation.
Hiram D. Damn Walker - H?
Hiram D. Damn Walker -
Satyr - Tex, I'll never get off the gurney!
* Satyr has successfully avoided dilaudid thusfar.
* -jabber would laugh at Hiram's joke... if it was funny...
Willy - I gotta get going, seeya later everyone!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Willy, come back soon.
Willy - logged off. --- (Thu Sep 28 11:55pm)
Hiram D. Damn Walker - It was about as funny as "Meet and armwrestle IFBB fitness pros etc..... at the Pittsburgh Expo"!
Satyr - bye, Willy
* -jabber sings "Don't Stop Believin'" by Gurney...
-jabber - Dude, that was friggin' hilarious!
Satyr - Dinner time, meathead
Don Texicano - Never had synthetic heroin recreationally, Satyr?
Satyr - no hypos for me, Tex.
Hiram D. Damn Walker - So are you fellas going to a strip club after din din Saturday night/
Satyr - if I can't snort it, smoke it, or take it orally, I'm not taking it. Standards, you know :~)
Clepsydra - Hiram D. Damn Walker, you have a new Private message from -jabber
* Satyr is damn tired of smoking butts, and hope the wife comes home soon.
* Satyr puts a quarter into the jabberbox for more timeless ditties.